Another satisfied Suzuki Auto customer

Date: 29 Nov 2013



We love it when members of our Suzuki Family share their experiences with us. This month a satisfied customer sings the praises of Suzuki Bramley. Well done to them on making us proud once again. And thank you to Nicolene Venter for taking the time to share your great experience.

Dear Clive,

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule on Saturday to greet me and congratulate me on my purchase of the Suzuki SX4. This gesture is highly appreciated.

Also, a HUGE thank you to Andrew who has been assisting and advising me - from my initial enquiry via the Autotrader until I collected my vehicle (no name yet) on Saturday. His service was exemplary, very professional and knowledgeable regarding the Suzuki SX4 that I was interested in. He is such a good sales person, that I while I could suffice with a radio/CD unit, after listening to what I am doing, how frequently I am on the road and how I need to stay in contact with the office, he "mentioned" the iParrot system (still not sure what it is called J) and I was sold on the idea within minutes. No pressure from his side!

The best and most appreciated experience was having my car on your show room floor with a welcoming note, I had to work hard not to burst out in tears as this purchased had been discussed since last year when my Dad was still alive. He gave me a lot of advice and the Suzuki would have been the perfect match for the two of us!!

The gifts are also appreciated but what makes Suzuki standing out from Honda (my first brand new car) was the fact that Suzuki let me drive away with a tank filled up (yup Andrew, F stands for finish hey J) with fuel. When I collected my Honda in 2003 I was given just enough fuel to drive to the first filling station!

Andrew, thank you for being so patient with me asking all my questions on Saturday (and that of my friend Neels!!!!). I hope that he will contact you for a "Red" Suzuki SX4!

All in all, thank you very much to Suzuki Bramley for your exemplary service, you surely stand out above the rest.


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