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2015 Suzuki Gordons Bay Offshore Classic

Suzuki Auto South Africa
June 29, 2015


Suzuki Marine and their dealer, South Sea Suzuki in the Western Cape, where once again major sponsors of 2015 Suzuki Gordons Bay Offshore Classic. The event was hosted by the Gordons Bay Boat Angling Club and South Sea Suzuki have been involved in ensuring it is a success with their support and sponsorship since 2010 - with both cash and product prizes.

The competition, one of the longest running tuna fishing tournaments in the Western Cape, was fished for a week this year, from 27 April to 2 May 2015. The competition runs over a period of six days to make allowance for the notoriously fickle Cape weather, this way anglers can be assured of at least a few fishing days. The catch here of course, is that if the weather is good, the anglers find themselves at sea almost every day for a week. Anyone who has been out tuna fishing for a few days in a row will know it is absolutely exhausting. The weather and sea were, for a change, predicted to be flat and calm for six days in a row for the 2015 event. Some great, yet tiring, days out at sea were anticipated with great excitement.

Around 25 boats, most of them powered by Suzuki Four Stroke Outboards, manned by around 120 anglers set out on day one to find the biggest of the big yellowfin out there. The Suzuki Gordons Bay Offshore Classic tournament is not about catching the most fish, but rather, in keeping with conservation ethics, about catching a big fish. As predicted, the weather was good, but the fishing was slow and after day one only a few Yellowfin tuna had been caught. One of them was, however, a brute of 99.7kg, caught by the vessel Bluwater which set the bar for the rest of the boats to aspire to.

Day two was again a calm day, and once again the fishing was slow. In hindsight, although there were not many fish, there were enough to keep us busy, and it also prevented the fleet from making the weigh-in area look like a wholesale fish market as we have had sometimes in the past. Day two saw the vessel Lynx get the second biggest fish of the tournament, a yellowfin of 78kg.


Day three and four did not bring any major changes to the standings, and whilst day five was declared a fishing day, because it was the last day and the day of the prize giving, lines up was called early in order for the organisers to sort out prizes. Bluwater once again pipped everyone at the post and weighed another big fish, 83kg to secure second spot as well.

The final results were first place to Bluwater for the biggest yellowfin, 99.7kg, second 83kg to Bluwater, third 78kg to Lynx, fourth yellowfin 77kg to Bladen and fifth 69kg to Magoofter. Two of the top four boats fitted with Suzuki Outboard motors.

The tournament was once again a great success, and as in the past, provided entertainment to the anglers and spectators alike, both on the water and after hours at the club. Next year Suzuki will be there again!

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