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Henno Havenga

Henno Havenga

Dealer Development Manager This 4x4 junky has worked in the auto industry for over fifteen years and loves the dynamics, lifestyle and experience of working with cars. He says, “Cars allow us to broaden our horizons and experience and see new and beautiful things. I enjoy the journey just as much (if not more) than the destination.” The Jimny is his model of choice; it gives him that holiday feeling even in rush hour traffic and says the recognisable model makes him feel like a “better person”. Naturally Henno loves the outdoors - from a good braai to camping and swimming.

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With the sheer natural beauty of the Cape, it doesn’t take much to get in the car and hit the trails. Here’s our round up of 4 awesome 4x4 routes...

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It’s a tough decision - do you actually need that beautiful 4x4 you’ve been eyeing?

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