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Fun in the Sun at NSRI

Suzuki Auto South Africa
November 27, 2015

 4x4 club 1

The Suzuki 4x4 WP Club had an amazing experience at the NSRI adventure day, driving over treacherous dunes and enjoying the majestic landscape. The 14 Suzuki Jimny drivers who joined in on the day meandered on sandy tracks through the Koeberg Reserve, surrounded by fynbos, before eventually reaching the beach.

There, the group embarked on the first major obstacle of the area, the "Longdrop." A steep decline on a sandy dune is no mean feat, but the Suzuki 4x4 club members and their Jimnys succeeded in taking it on. After a curved climb and a slingshot to the finish, the "bumper bender" challenge led them to perhaps the most demanding obstacle of the day, an almost 90° dune climb. Of course, everyone took it on willingly, with a number of Jimnys overcoming the dune. Organisers from the day were impressed with the Suzuki 4x4 WP Club, who worked together throughout the day, encouraging each other to tackle the dunes with their trusty Jimnys.

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