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Hurry up and wait - by Brendon Carpenter

Brendon Carpenter
December 03, 2013

-Gariep Dam 1.jpg

It's that time of the year again. Everyone is working at warp speed to play catch up with 2013, which seems to have overtaken us and left us to deal with a truckload of tasks to complete before we reach December.

This analogy paves the way towards an important blog update for all of those who plan to travel on the N1, in any direction, during the festive season. For those travelling between Colesberg and Cape Town, there is a multitude of Stop 'n Go road works, 15 in total. During the holiday rush and influx of Vaalies migrating to the coast, these dreaded roadtrip spoilers are sure to be more Stop, than Go.

But fear not, in comparison to 2010, the condition of the rest of the N1 is superb!

Herewith a list of Stop 'n Go roadworks and distances (as of 24 November) to inform, and maybe even help, you plan for your well-deserved trip this festive season. Drive safe!

Distance after Colesberg:

Stop & Go 01: 78km

Stop & Go 03: 120km

Stop & Go 04: 160km

Roadworks at 180km

Stop & Go 05: 259km

Stop & Go 06: 264km


Distance after Beaufort West:

Stop & Go 07: 24.5km

Stop & Go 08: 36km

Stop & Go 09: 46km

Stop & Go 10: 85km

Stop & Go 11: 94km

Stop & Go 12: 102km


After Laingsburg:

Stop & Go 13: 57km

Stop & Go 14: 68km

Stop & Go 15: 95km

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