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How to pack the boot of a hatch

Getting ready for your holiday? Here are some handy tips on packing your hatchback

The importance of choosing sustainable seafood

As the sponsors of Sarah Graham’s Food Safari, we’re pretty passionate about great food - and it’s essential to pick ingredients that are sustain...

Our 6  favourite nationwide family friendly BnBs

Finding a family friendly BnB to rest the kids isn’t always easy. Here are our favourites from around the country.

Our 5 best summer recipes

Hot days call for a deliciously different take on salads and even lasagne!

8 game parks off the beaten track

There are some pretty incredible game parks around South Africa - and some you probably didn’t know deserve a visit. Here are our 9 favourite gam...

How to repair car scrapes [video]

Ruined your beautiful car with an accidental scrape? Here’s an awesome quick fix video.

Off the beaten track: 7 affordable family friendly BnBs

Want to go on holiday, but heading to the busy beach is a little too painful to contemplate? Try  something unique instead in some of these off t...

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Amaze your guests with this incredible cheesecake recipe. There’s nothing quite like a velvety cheesecake, and this recipe gives you more than th...

Enter the Suzuki colouring in competition!

Share your creativity and you could win a family hamper pack. Adult colouring in went from being an esoteric oddity to a mainstream hobby and now...

Some awesome Suzuki bike decals and airbrush art

For some people, it’s not enough owning an awesome bike - they need to make it personal too. Here are some of our favourite Suzuki decals and air...

Rugby etiquette | How to be a Springbok fan [Infographic]

  Image from Sports24 What to snack on, what to wear and how to celebrate a win… we paired with the SA Rugby magazine team to break down all the ...

Rugby etiquette | Taking your kids to the game[Infographic]

Planning to take the tots to the game? We’ve got some etiquette tips on taking the whole family and having a good time too. Taking your kids to t...

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