10 things all Suzuki drivers know – and would love to tell you!

10 things all Suzuki drivers know – and would love to tell you!

Posted by Chazlin Haskins on 6 Jul 2018

Blue Suzuki IgnisPeople who love each other tend to finish one another’s sentences. We asked our favourite people – Suzuki fans across SA – to finish a sentence for us. Their responses gave us the feels – so we’re sharing them with you.

Let’s see if you can decide what comes first: “That” feeling, or “That” feeling in a Suzuki?

“All Suzuki Drivers Are….”

1. Crazy?


We love this. Is crazy the new normal? We’re not sure, but our cars can leave you feeling a little wild and free.

That feeling when you hop into your Ignis:


2. Confident


There’s a feeling we can get behind. We love that our drivers are confident – on the road and off.

That feeling when you know you’ve got this:


3. Unique


Well, unique, and very, very attractive (our gorgeous cars tend to help, don’t they?)

That feeling when you’re the best-looking one in the room – or on the road.


4. Happy!

All Suzuki drivers... | Happy

Suzuki has gone to great lengths to make sure our drivers are always happy – so we’re really chuffed to hear that it’s working.

That ‘Oprah just gave the entire audience a car’ Feeling:


5. Adventurous


Adventure is such a massive part of the Suzuki Way of Life that we design our cars with it in mind. Our drivers know this and take every opportunity to head out on a new mission whenever the fancy takes them.

That feeling you get when you know your car is built for adventure:


6. In love – with life, their cars, and more!


This is what feeds the spirit of adventure: sheer, unbridled passion for life and going places!

That feeling you get when you realise your life is AWESOME:


7. Good Drivers

good drivers-695891-edited

Our cars give you the impulse to be wild and adventurous – but we know you take care of your Suzuki just like you take care of yourself.

With our safety ratings and great on-road handling, your Suzuki has your back.

That feeling?


8. Superb. Or Superheroes?

good drivers-722626-edited

You’re superb, and you’re our superheroes. We suppose that makes Busisiwe 100% correct.

When the Suzuki family gives you that SUPER(B) feeling:


9. They live their dreams


Suzuki can take you places – literally. Your car is your personality, and our cars are built for people who think big (even if they drive small!).

It almost gives you that dreamy feeling…


10. Just to really drive the point home: Suzuki Drivers are AWESOME!


Whether it’s the adventure, the passion, the smarts, the drive – you’re awesome, and Suzuki knows just how awesome that makes us.


Agree or disagree with these Suzuki drivers, we would love to hear your thoughts on our Facebook page. Let us know what you think. . . 

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