Driving into the Leap Year with your ideal Suzuki

Driving into the Leap Year with your ideal Suzuki

Posted by Megan MacDonald on 29 Feb 2024

Entering the leap yearYour vehicle serves a purpose beyond mere transportation, especially during times when you truly value having a vehicle that aligns with your lifestyle. Estimated Reading time:  5 minutes, 29 seconds

It’s a Leap Year! This means 2024 has a whole extra day (366 instead of 365) and you have an extra 24 hours in 2024 for adventure, family time, or a much-needed break from the chaos. Tackle it all in style with your ideal Suzuki by your side.


Make the most of this Leap Year by seeking out joy around every turn. From the Jimny 5-door to the XL6, Suzukis are known for their fun and adventurous style. No matter what your plans are, your Suzuki will help you celebrate every moment.

Leaps of  Efficiency

With excellent fuel consumption and superb value for money across the range, your Suzuki will help you save without cramping your Leap Year vibes. 

Our excellent fuel consumption ensures more budget for holiday and weekend activities.

Discover the efficiency of our cars, from the compact Celerio to the spacious Fronx. Lightweight materials, smooth gearboxes and advanced engine technology keep our fuel consumption as low as possible, leaving you with a bit more budget for the journey.

To give you an idea: the compact Suzuki Celerio has an average fuel consumption of 4.2l/100km, while the spacious Fronx’s average fuel consumption of 5.6l / 100km.

With your ideal Suzuki match you can make the most of every new adventure without stressing about your fuel budget.

Navigating LEAP YEAR Bustle with Suzuki's Compact Wonders: 

We specialise in creating compact vehicles that offer more versatility than many of their bigger counterparts. Find your joy in navigating our bustling city streets in any of our gorgeous compact vehicles, such as the Swift and Ignis.

Let traffic irritation be a thing of the past by turning up your music and knowing you can get to the good stuff first while others wait for bigger parking spaces.

Whether you’re headed to a meeting, the gym or your favourite coffee spot, your zippy Suzuki will be easy to park when things get crowded.

If you’re worried about luggage space, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the versatility of our compact range. So if this Leap Year includes new hobbies, new friends, new sport equipment or a renewed love for shopping, we guarantee there’s a compact Suzuki that’s perfect for you. 

A stylish Leap Year:

If you’re all about the style, a sleek and elegant Suzuki sedan is just what you need to round off your look. Make a grand entrance in the sophisticated Suzuki Ciaz that has bold exterior lines and a sleek interior with all the right touches such as a 7-inch touchscreen multimedia display. With 495 litres of luggage space you’ll easily fit all your business accessories or weekend bags with room to spare. 

You can also opt for the Suzuki Dzire (the name says it all), which perfectly combines sporty styling with the sophisticated profile of a sedan. If you’re aiming for some fancy restaurants and luxurious spa treatments, this sedan will look right at home in the parking lot.

Family Getaways:

If your holidays are centred around family time, an SUV is just what you need. Suzuki’s selection of SUVs are all designed with family and adventure in mind - you just need to find the one that suits your family’s style.

With 4WD and Hill Hold Control, the iconic Jimny 5-door is the ultimate family adventure vehicle. The compact 4x4 is perfect for couples or small families who love to get away from the city chaos and have some outdoor fun.

If your vibe is more glamping than camping, the Suzuki Fronx is a winner. Its unique combination of SUV and coupé styling make it one of the hottest SUVs on the road. The Fronx looks bold and muscular and has all the modern features you need - such as smartphone connectivity, cruise control and steering mounted controls.

If you need more space, the Suzuki Grand Vitara offers 328 litres of luggage space and a rearview camera with rear park assist to make life a little easier. With cruise control and smartphone connectivity, the Grand Vitara is ready to take the whole family on holiday.

For those who need a few extra seats, the seven-seat Suzuki Ertiga will do the trick. It has space for the driver plus six people, luggage and all the enthusiasm you can muster. It comes in very handy when you want to drop the whole family at the beach/holiday market for the day while you sneak off for a nap.

Tech-Savvy Celebrations:

Let’s face it: most of us would be lost (literally) without a bit of modern technology. While you might not need a car that parks itself each time you clap your hands (that could get awkward), there are many tech features that will add comfort to your travels.

Discover the tech-savvy features across the Suzuki range that enhance safety and add fun to your journey.

  • Smartphone connectivity for music enthusiasts.
  • Touchscreens for seamless navigation.
  • USB ports, air conditioning, and more.

 The fun and handy stuff includes features such as:

  • Smartphone connectivity - so you can discover new music or listen to your faves on repeat.
  • Touchscreens - seamlessly switch between navigation, music and more.
  • USB ports - because everyone needs them!
  • Air Conditioning - not exactly modern tech, but worth a mention during South African summers.
  • Rear View / 360 view cameras - because nobody is a ‘natural’ at reverse or parallel parking.
  • Cruise Control - because you absolutely don’t want to spend your budget on fines.
  • Steering wheel audio commands - because the driver always has the final say in choice of music.
  • Electric fold mirrors (refer to above point on general parking skills)

(disclaimer at the bottom of these bullet points to tell readers to be sure to check the specs on their favourite vehicle to make sure it meets their tech needs)

Suzuki: More than a Drive, a Lifestyle:

Your vehicle is so much more than just a way to get from A to B and you deserve a vehicle that suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors in a Jimny, zipping around the city in your S-Presso, or catching up with extended family in the Ertiga, there is a Suzuki that’s perfect for you.

Your Suzuki is your perfect companion for any occasion.

From the Jimny to the Grand Vitara, Suzukis are known for their fun and adventurous style.

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