IGNIS: A mashup of four iconic Suzuki designs

IGNIS: A mashup of four iconic Suzuki designs

Posted by Charl Grobler on 17 Jul 2017

IGNIS: A mashup of four iconic Suzuki designsTake a walk with us down memory lane to see where the Ignis gets its head-turning style and why Suzuki is the expert in extra-large small cars.

The launch of the new Suzuki Ignis has brought on a wave of nostalgia, since the modern new model has incorporated some design elements from some of Suzuki’s most iconic models. To celebrate our love of all things Suzuki, we wanted to share some of our favourite iconic designs, and show how they’ve been incorporated into the new Ignis.

1.  1970 Suzuki Fronte Coupé

IGNIS: A mashup of four iconic Suzuki designs

Image source: Indian Autos Blog

The Fronte Coupé (forerunner to the Cervo) was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, a well known Italian automobile designer. Giorgetto was named Car Designer of the Century in 1999 and is a member of the Automotive Hall of Fame (since 2002).

The sporty Fronte Coupé was originally only manufactured as a two seater, but a four seater model was introduced in 1972. You’ll find distinctive C-pillar slits, reminiscent of the Coupé, on the new Ignis - a tribute to Japan’s very first mini sports car.

2. Suzuki Cervo

IGNIS: A mashup of four iconic Suzuki designs

Image source: Indian Autos Blog

The Suzuki Cervo replaced the Fronte Coupé, which didn’t meet the new Kei Jidosha limits, and the stricter carbon emissions after the Kei car regulations were changed in 1976. Instead of square headlights, the Cervo sported round headlights and chunkier, butch bumpers. The Cervo was also designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

You’ll notice the projector headlights on the Ignis have been set inside the front grille, which is a style element first seen in the Suzuki Cervo.

3. Suzuki Swift

IGNIS: A mashup of four iconic Suzuki designs

Image source: Indian Autos Blog

The Suzuki Swift is probably one of Suzuki’s most popular models to date. This little gem perfectly embodies city-chic, and has officially been part of the Suzuki family since the year 2000. Funnily enough, the first edition of the Swift was named the ‘Ignis’ outside of Japan; however, this was changed to ‘Swift’ from the second edition onwards. It was intended to replace the Suzuki Cultus.

This model looked nothing like the Swift we all know and love, which got a sleek, sporty makeover in its second generation model.
IGNIS: A mashup of four iconic Suzuki designs
Image source: Wikipedia (first generation Suzuki Swift/Ignis)

You’ll notice that that new Ignis has adopted the signature pillar blackouts from the third generation Suzuki Swift.

4. Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki-Ignis-design-inspiration-clamshell-bonnet.jpgImage source: Indian Autos Blog

The Suzuki Vitara is a compact SUV, first introduced to the Suzuki family in 1988. It was originally designed as an off-road vehicle, aimed to sit just above the Jimny in the market. The fourth generation model, launched in 2015, shifted towards a crossover style, making the Vitara the perfect vehicle for suburban motorists with an active, outdoor lifestyle.

You’ll find the signature clam-shaped bonnet of the first generation Vitara carried through in the new Ignis. It’s these minute details that have enriched the design of the Ignis, giving it lots of character, and making it a stunning throwback to Suzuki’s heritage.

5. Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki Ignis design

With its striking design and proud stature, the new Suzuki Ignis is turning heads. This cheeky crossover has just hit the South African market and is already making big waves in the motor industry. Have a look at some of the Ignis reviews, and see for yourself! The Ignis is definitely in line to take its place as one of Suzuki’s most iconic designs.

Seeing may be believing, but it’s way more fun to be part of the action. Book a test drive in your favourite Suzuki model and experience the Suzuki way of life!

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