The highlights of Limpopo and a first-hand experience in the latest Turbo models

Auto enthusiast and journo Khulekani Dumisa went on a tour of Limpopo with some influencers, and the latest Suzuki turbo editions – the Vitara Turbo and the Swift Sport. Here are his highlights.

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Preparing your car for a long drive [checklist]

With lockdown blues taking their toll, we’ve all been dreaming about when we can visit family and friends again, or simply hit the open road and enjoy the journey. The day has finally come, and you’ll want to make sure your car is 100% ready so you can just throw in the snacks and get going.

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Everything you need to know to make sure your next long trip is a success.

When looking for a new car many of us envision how stylish we’ll look cruising to work, as well as the awesome road trips we’re going to embark on. But does your car have what it takes to do the ultimate road trip?

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AITA: road edition | AITA for refusing to pay extra to get my muddy car washed?

In this second part in our new series, Suzuki takes questions from readers and lets the audience decide - is this real-life person an, erm, donkey, or not, in a road-related conflict. And you get to share your thoughts!

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Best road trip podcasts / playlist videos / audio books [Updated]

Planning a road trip? In-car entertainment is a must-have for every road trip - whether you’re travelling alone, with family or with your friends. Here’s our top audio experiences for your journey.

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AITA: road edition | AITA for wanting to sleep during a two-day road trip while my partner drives

In this new series, Suzuki takes questions from readers and lets the audience decide - is this real-life person an, erm, donkey, or not, in a road-related conflict. And you get to share your thoughts!

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Navigating Durban: How to get around

Durban is much more than just fun in the sun on its endless stretch of beaches and is worth taking the time to explore more fully. Without having to spend hours on the road, it is possible to gain a broad insight into the City of Durban and its place in the history of the country.

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Navigating Durban: Five hot spots to discover

Every major school holiday, thousands of people head for the beaches of KwaZulu-Natal and Durban in particular – returning home after their holiday without having actually taken the time to discover Durban and the wide variety of sights, sounds, and tastes it has to offer

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Navigating Cape Town: Four hot spots to discover

Sometimes even local Capetonians can feel like  tourists in the Mother City, because with so much at your fingertips it’s difficult to know what to do in your free time. You could visit penguins, climb boulders, sip on cocktails, adventure through 4x4 trails, surf the famous Dungeons, or relax into the epicure culture of Cape Town.

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Navigating Cape Town: Tips & tricks for city driving

Getting to know the city streets can be tough. Cape Townians know the twists and turns of their roads. We have put together a guide for those who want to learn to navigate the streets of the Mother City.

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Navigating the urban jungle of Johannesburg: Hot places you have to visit!

Johannesburg is one of Africa’s most bustling and beautiful cities with lots to eat, drink, see, and Instagram. Find out which places to visit for a fun and interesting weekend.

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Navigating the urban jungle of Johannesburg

With over 2 million people in Johannesburg and many of them commuting from surrounding cities, navigating its busy streets can be tricky.

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Suzuki road trip playlist for 2018

We took to Facebook and Twitter and got your take on the best road trip songs as voted by you. See the final list here.

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12 free family car games [UPDATED]

The family road trip is a fun staple of the South African experience - whether you’re driving to your favourite game park, holiday spot, family home or even across the country between Joburg and Cape Town.

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Best things to do in South Africa

Product specialist, Jen Miller, has travelled the world and wrote ‘100 Best Things to do in South Africa’. We took our top 10 favourite things for your next Suzuki roadtrip.

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Road trip games (for teens and adults)

Hitting the road for the holidays? Here’s a list of games you’ll want to pack, for hours of fun and laughter.

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Off The Eaten Track

We know, we know, South Africans love a good road trip. Scratch that, South Africans love a great foodie road trip. Who can blame them? The roads of our country are home to some of the best, hidden foodie gems, just waiting for you to discover them! So when the packed padkos has been eaten and the final drop of flask coffee has been slurped, take a Sho’t Left for a great South African foodie road trip adventure.

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Epic Sports Road Trips - The Cape Town 7s in the Suzuki Vitara [video]

There are a few global sporting events that you need to visit at least once in your life. The FIFA World Cup, the Ryder Cup, the Monaco Grand Prix, the Olympic Games, the Manchester Derby and the Cape Town 7s.

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