Top 10 shows avid car fans will love!




Whether you’re an active car fanatic with one or more project cars on the go or are more of a ‘couch’ car fanatic – you just love cars – there’s nothing better than kicking back to watch some engine action on-screen!

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Stellenbosch to Serengeti with a Suzuki Jimny

A visit to experience the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti National Park has always been at the top of my bucket list. I never imagined I would drive all the way from the southern-most tip of Africa to Serengeti! 14,000 km in 40 days. But if you own a Suzuki Jimny, ANYthing is possible!

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Road trip round-up: the best of our uniquely South African road trips


Here are some of our best road trips, specially designed by the Suzuki squad. Bookmark this page since you can hit the road again.

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The love for Jimny runs deep in the Suzuki Family

Owning a Jimny comes with a sense of pride and inspires an adventurous streak! Some of us name our Jimnys, and to some, a Jimny is a natural extension of the family.

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Why I love my Suzuki S-Presso [Customer Story]

Kiki Ihloff-Wiegmans recently took delivery of her brand new Suzuki S-Presso, and she says it was simply love at first sight.

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Driving in different weather conditions

With South Africa’s varied weather conditions, we need to make sure we’re prepared to take on various conditions like rain, wind and low-visibility, sometimes all in one day. Here’s our guide for navigating all kinds of weather conditions.

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How I became A Suzuki fan

It’s time for some good news! Read how one lucky winner became part of the Suzuki family – and why she’s decided to stay.

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Is now the right time to own a car?

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, right now is the ideal time to invest in your own personal vehicle. Read more below to find out why, and learn more about our fantastic deals.

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AITA: I wouldn't jump start my sister's car during lockdown

In the fourth article in our new series, Suzuki takes questions from readers and lets the audience decide - is this real-life person an, erm, donkey, or not, in a road-related conflict. And you get to share your thoughts!

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On your marks…Get set…Go (to the couch)!

We asked our customers and followers to share the inventive and fun things they’ve been doing while in lockdown for a chance to win R1500 in online vouchers. Here’s a roundup of our favourite social media #SuzukiHomeAdventures posts.

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AITA: I make my office carpool use hand sanitisers and surface wipes

In the third article in our new series, Suzuki takes questions from readers and lets the audience decide - is this real-life person an, erm, donkey, or not, in a road-related conflict. And you get to share your thoughts!

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Why drivers love the Suzuki Swift Sport [customer stories]

Now in its third generation, the Suzuki Swift Sport is an unapologetic hot hatch with style and attitude. We spoke to a couple of Swift Sport owners and asked them what they love most about their cars.

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Which colour Baleno should you get? [QUIZ]

The latest Baleno has a new colour palette that really turns heads. Which colour suits your personality?

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Why I love my Suzuki Ignis [customer review]

Buying a new car can be daunting because it’s not something most of us do every day or even every year! This is my ‘new car’ story and how I ended up with my Suzuki Ignis - the car of my dreams.

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My beautiful Suzuki story: I love this Way of Life

Suzuki has a variety of cars to suit any lifestyle and create lifelong memories. This wonderful husband and wife chose the Suzuki Way of Life when they got their SX4 and haven’t looked back since.

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Get the low down from the Fuel Economy Tour

South Africa’s go-getter car brand came a close second in the Fuel Economy Tour, sponsored by Wesbank in partnership with FNB - keeping its promise as one of the most fuel-efficient brands on the market.

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Suzuki at The Annual South African Festival of Motoring

The annual Festival of Motoring is always a great time for us at Suzuki and this year was better than ever before

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An APPealing Drive

We live in a time where if you want to do, see or hear anything, go anywhere, be yourself or someone else, there will probably be an app available – and this is all thanks to the strides technology has made.

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