How to drive in Joburg: The Survivalist’s Guide

Driving in Joburg isn’t for the faint-hearted. While you may need some nerves of steel and a few tricks up your sleeve to navigate our busy city streets, owning your very own Suzuki can make navigating the city a much better experience.

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How to save the environment while driving your car

For most car buyers, environmental protection is one of the key consideration points when purchasing a new vehicle. The good news is that buying an efficient car, and combining it with emissions-saving driving behaviour, makes a massive difference to your carbon footprint.

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Get the low down: Sedan vs Hatchback

Four-door, five-door, boot? We break down the differences between a sedan and a hatchback and then we explore the advantages of each one.

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Auto Terminology: What is AMT/AT/MT?

Automated manual transmissions combine the best of both the automatic and manual transmission. See why the Suzuki AMT is the gearbox of the future.

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Range-topping Vitara Turbo now in South Africa

Suzuki has (literally) boosted its very popular Vitara range with the launch of a range-topping Vitara Turbo in both manual and automatic. 

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Better in every way: the all-new Swift Sport

The legendary Suzuki Swift Sport, often called the barometer of the hot hatch genre, is back!

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