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What kind of driver are you? [QUIZ]

Our personalities are real influencers in the way we drive. Take our magical quiz to find out which Harry Potter character you’re most like on th...

Traffic circles for dummies

It’s a fact - nearly every person who enters a traffic circle thinks they have the right of way, and that they’re the only ones who know what’s g...

Understanding fuel in South Africa and across the globe

The story behind your fuel! Here we share information on your petrol you probably don’t know… Do you understand your fuel? Probably not!

How to tell if your car is fuel efficient  (and the reasons ...

Fuel efficiency is every driver’s goal, but how do you know if you’re hitting the mark?

How are speed limits set?

Speed limits are one of those universal topics that can quickly turn into a heated debate in any language and in any country. Everyone has an opi...

How much am I spending this month on fuel with the changing ...

Struggling to plan your fuel budget? Use this handy calculator!

What should be illegal while driving?

We give our hot take on what we think should be illegal in the car, and give you some info on things you might not know were illegal…

Fuel saving: Tips for drivers of manual cars

With the price of both petrol and diesel expected to continue to rise, driving in a fuel efficient manner is now a necessity for most commuters a...

10 tricks to save you fuel  when driving an automatic car [U...

Save money in your automatic with these insider tips on driving fuel efficiently.

Would you pass your K53 learner’s test? [update]

  How well do you know your street signs? Take this quiz to see if you’d pass your K53 learner’s licence test.

14 driving habits that are damaging your car

Are your bad driving habits ruining your car before it’s time? Read up here to find out.

This elegant Suzuki sedan is everything you Dzire and more

The new Suzuki Dzire brings so much more than its predecessor.  Find out what experts had to say about their test drive and maybe you’ll #GiveInT...

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