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What to do at a petrol station

Are all petrol stations made equal? I’m afraid not! Here are some key things to look out for when filling up. Everyone thinks they know what to d...

Suzuki wins big in 2017 at the Consumer Awards

Suzuki streaked ahead at this year's Consumer Awards, scooping up not only the most coveted prize of the evening - Brand of the Year -...

5 things you should never do in an automatic [video]

There are some pretty simple mistakes to make in a conventional (torque converter) automatic, and this video - with over 8 million views - digs i...

5 reasons why the Super Carry is more fun than the car you’r...

Charl Grobler, manager of marketing and product planning at Suzuki South Africa, took the Super Carry for a weekend of chores and had more fun th...

Ciaz review and 8 reasons we love this sedan [video]

The Suzuki Ciaz is a sedan punching above its weight and offers serious competition to other cars in its class. Read what thought of t...

How to drive in a traffic circle [video]

Traffic circles can be tricky to navigate, but here’s a handy video that lays out the rules clearly.

8 reasons to buy a Ciaz [video]

The space, the fuel efficiency, aerodynamic design… watch this video for 8 reasons Charl Grobler, manager of marketing and product planning at Su...

How to get the most from a small engine [video]

A small engine can be the savvy choice, and with these driving tips you’ll get the most out of yours.

Fuel efficiency for a small car on a long journey

We’ll show you some simple tips, tricks and hacks to keep your car as lean and fuel efficient as possible for your holiday.

A race car with a Suzuki motorbike engine

  We’ve got the best of both in this awesome racing package - a racing car bod with a Suzuki motorbike engine.

The #SuperCarry750 Challenge

The challenge - drive 750 km with a load of 750kg on R750 worth of fuel with a Suzuki Super Carry.

Some pretty sick Suzuki Swift colours

We love something a little different, and this ‘Swift cocktail’ is definitely that

How to put in an ISOFIX car seat [infographic]

Isofix is one of the safest, easiest and quickest ways to correctly install a car seat, and we’ve put together an infographic on how to do this e...

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