How to convince your parents to buy you a Suzuki

How to convince your parents to buy you a Suzuki

Posted by Brendon Carpenter on 29 Jan 2024

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There are many things for differently-abled drivers to consider when choosing an adaptive vehicle. We’ve listed the different types of adaptations drivers can get, as well as some tips for what to look for when choosing the best car to suit your needs.

Do you have your heart set on a Suzuki, but don’t know how to convince your parents to buy it? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with some Suzuki fun facts that even parents can’t argue with.

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For many South Africans the much-anticipated 18th birthday means one thing: freedom in the form of a driver's licence. For the really lucky ones, it also means their first car which is often a present from their parents.

Our parents all remember their first car. Some with fondness, some with mild horror, but we all know exactly how lucky we were to receive a car from our parents. The good news for younger generations is that your first car doesn’t have to be a creaking, weird-smelling, behemoth with misaligned wheels! That no longer makes financial sense. 

This is great news, because it means you really can aim for your dream car. Whether it’s a Suzuki S-Presso, the Celerio, or any of the other vehicles in the Suzuki range, there are some valid points you can use to persuade your parents to take a closer look.

Suzuki has built a loyal following around the world, and especially in South Africa, thanks to its unique brand character and fantastic vehicles. You don’t just buy a Suzuki - you become part of the Suzuki family.

Unfortunately the argument ‘because it’s cool’ won’t convince most parents to immediately buy the Suzuki you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll need to take a more practical approach and, thankfully, Suzuki ticks all the boxes in terms of value and practicality as well.

Below are a few points you can raise with your parents if you’re dreaming of the perfect first car.


Did you know that Suzukis are one of the most fuel efficient budget cars on the market? 

Suzuki’s legendary design, sleek lines and beautiful interiors are eye-catching and unique. No matter which model you choose, your Suzuki will always stand out in the parking lot. 

When it comes to your dream car you want it to reflect your personality and lifestyle, which is precisely what Suzuki’s design style achieves: Suzuki has a more fun and edgy look than many other brands.

At the same time, Suzuki has built a solid reputation for producing reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles. This combination of unique styling alongside easy maintenance and low fuel consumption is one of the key reasons Suzuki is one of the most popular automotive brands in the country. And since fuel takes up close to 35% of the running costs of your car, according to WesBank, fuel efficiency is a really important feature to consider when budgeting. Some numbers to impress: the 1.2ℓ Suzuki Swift offers exceptional fuel consumption at as little as 4.9ℓ / 100km.

A good point to raise with your parents is the cost of fuel. Whether you’ll be paying for it yourself, or maybe getting some help from your parents, you want to keep your fuel bill as low as possible. Suzuki is known to be one of the most fuel-efficient brands on the market, which will be a very attractive point when your parents are looking at the overall budget. 

In addition to excellent fuel consumption, Suzuki also has a reputation for fantastic customer service and low maintenance costs. While you may be more interested in choosing the perfect colour (it’s important!), your parents will want to know that the vehicle can be maintained within their budget.

Use our calculator to determine what your car's monthly instalment will be. You can choose your Suzuki (or fill in the amount), add a deposit amount, interest rate and even balloon payment to see what it would cost.

Calculate my instalment


Did you know that new Suzukis come with a service plan and warranty? 

Back in the day (like, really far back) it made financial sense for parents to get their kids any old vehicle that was still running. If you knew a good mechanic, repairs and parts would be cheap and most of these vehicles could be kept running until the driver could afford to buy their own new car.

This approach no longer makes sense as vehicles and technology have evolved over the years. Most cars have been equipped with various types of software for decades. If you buy a 20 year old car today, you’re not just looking at worn down parts, but also outdated electronics and software. 

Features such as smartphone connectivity, usb ports and Bluetooth interfaces must be kept up to date to avoid errors. If you buy a 10-year-old vehicle that hasn’t been well maintained there’s a good chance these features won’t work as they should.

So, have your parents do some research and weigh the pros and cons between ‘old-school’ or a newer option. The Suzuki Celerio, S-Presso and Ignis, for example, offer excellent value and most importantly: peace of mind in the form of a service plan and a five year / 200 000km warranty.

The vehicle cost will be a big deciding factor and Suzuki’s wide range and many specification levels give you plenty of options. 

Remember that value isn’t just about cost: remind your parents that a new Suzuki offers all the latest features in terms of safety and connectivity that all add to the value of the vehicle.


Did you know that Suzuki vehicles come standard with safety features like airbags, ABS brakes, ESP, and a unique HEARTECT frame?

It’s safe to say that 99% of arguments between children and parents result because parents are simply trying to keep their kids safe, it therefore makes sense that parents want to make sure their children are driving a safe vehicle.

A new, affordable vehicle, such as the compact options in the Suzuki range, offer excellent standard safety features. ABS, ESP, airbags and crumple zones are the foundation of modern vehicle safety and it’s unlikely your parents want you driving around without these.

Suzuki’s HEARTECT platform (or crumple zone platform) delivers enhanced vehicle performance as it is lighter and highly rigid. Its smooth, curving form effectively disperses impact energy in the case of a collision and its lighter weight ensures fuel efficiency.

So while you focus on how amazing your dream car looks and how incredible the sound system is, make sure to point out the safety features to your parents.

We all know that SA’s road safety is gloomy in general, so parents want to ensure their child has the safest vehicle possible. With a new Suzuki you know you are getting the latest safety technology, which should be a very convincing point when discussing car options with your parents.


The magic of Suzuki is that it appeals on all levels: you fall in love with your dream Suzuki at first sight, but you become loyal to the brand because of its value, reliability and pure joy of being part of the Suzuki family.

Your parents will very likely be convinced once they’ve been on a test drive, and the above points are an excellent starting point to get them to the dealership. Doing some research and raising topics such as safety and fuel cost with your parents will show that you’re thinking of the bigger picture and not just how quickly you can go show off your new car to your friends (right?). 

Parents and new drivers alike should weigh up the affordability, safety and efficiency pros and cons before making a final decision. By looking at it from this angle you could find a situation where everyone wins: you end up driving your dream car and your parents can rest assured that they have made a financially sound decision.

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