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How Things Work: 4x4 Systems [VIDEO]

The big debate: what is the difference between an all-wheel-drive system, a four-wheel-drive system and a 4x4 system. In this episode of How Thin...

A Jimny adventure on The Rock 4x4 Trail

If you drive a Suzuki Jimny, you’re an adventurer at heart. Luckily, SA offers many places to play. Yolande Heyneke takes us on her trip at The R...

Me with my Jimny!

Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from driving my Jimny!

Jimny takes World Urban Car of the Year Award

The Suzuki Jimny was voted the winner in the 2019 World Urban Car of the Year Awards by a panel of 86 judges from 24 countries, including South A...

Evolution of the Suzuki Jimny [updated]

The beloved Suzuki Jimny’s profile is easily recognisable on the road, and the little car has quite a long history.

11 of the best 4x4 trails in Southern Africa [UPDATED]

If you’re a 4x4 enthusiast, you’ll want to add these trails to your bucket list - these are 11 adventures you don’t want to miss out on!

Great moments deserve a great Suzuki Jimny

With the release of the latest Suzuki Jimny quickly approaching, we want to know how the Jimny has been a part of your life’s greatest moments.

Off-road series with Alan Pepper: how to drive in deep water

Modern 4x4-ing is rife with debate. In this series, our expert tackles the best way to drive through water, and everything else you need to know ...

Off-road series with Alan Pepper: how to reverse stall start

Modern 4x4-ing is rife with debate. In this series, our expert tackles the best way to reverse stall start.

Off-road series with Alan Pepper: how to drive downhill nose...

Modern 4x4-ing is rife with debate. In this series, our expert tackles the best way to go downhill nose first.

Why you should buy a Suzuki Jimny now...and keep it as long ...

 The Suzuki Jimny is the ultimate icon when it comes to compact 4x4s. Those in the know are making sure they get one in their garage, with no int...

How (and why) to buy a vintage Jimny

Finding a vintage Suzuki Jimny that somebody is willing to part with is rare. So, if you have one – or are looking to buy one – here’s what you s...

7 driving tips for your 4x4 [video]

Taking your 4x4 off road for the first time is loads of fun, as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into. Here are seven tips for a new...

Trailblazing and Off-Roading: Brave any frontier with these ...

 Before you take your 4x4 off-roading, heed these driving tips to ensure a safe and exciting adventure!

Suzuki is going to the moon!

We love you to   the moon and back? With Suzuki, this is a reality!

MacGuyver Tips & Hacks for a 4x4

‘n Boer maak ‘n plan - especially when hundreds of kilometers away from civilisation. Here are some MacGuyver-like hacks to keep you going, even ...

Suzuki Gsx-R converted for dirt! [video]

Dirt biking is even more fun when you’re doing it with a full throttle GSX-R 1000! The powerful sports bike got a stellar review from Wheels24:

[video] Some incredibly dangerous bike stunts

 Hold your breath and get ready for some awesome stunts on a Suzuki bike

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