Demystify your car manual: How to use your car manual?

There are two types of people: those who read the entire owner’s manual on the very day they bring their car home, and those who are surprised to see it every time they open the glove box. If you’re the latter, here are a few ‘cheat tips’ on how, and why, you should be using your owner’s manual.

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Demystify your car manual: Terminology

The automotive industry, like any other industry, often seems to have its own language. Your owner’s manual is likely scattered with lingo and abbreviations that make you feel like you’ve been sent back to your high school maths class. But don’t worry, with a few basics under your belt and Google by your side, you’ll quickly be speaking ‘car’ like a pro.

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[UPDATED] Petrol vs Diesel: the pros and cons list

Petrol vs diesel is one of the Great Debates in the auto world; we run through the pros and cons of both here.

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Old Suzuki models: Repair, care, and parts purchasing

You do not need to own a brand new one to love your Suzuki! Pre-owned vehicles are sold by each of the Suzuki dealers around the country, making it easy to source and drive away in the pre-loved car you want.

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17 Petrol station myths that could save you from maintenance issues in the future [UPDATE]

There are many things that you might have heard about petrol stations. These may vary from when you should fill up to whether you should use your phone while waiting to fill up. How do you separate the fact from the fiction?

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How cool and reliable are Suzukis? An outsider’s assessment

Looks may not be everything but they do count when it comes to choosing a new car. Suzuki manages to blend cool looks with real-world practicality when designing its cars - and this plays a role in maintaining resale value.

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Mythbusting: car oil

There are plenty of car myths out there, and many of them are told to us in the form of ‘advice’ from people we know. Ask five people how often you should change the oil in your car, and you’ll get five different answers. This should be your first clue that it’s probably best to consult your owner’s manual.

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How well do you know your Suzuki engine? [quiz]

Do you know how your Suzuki engine works? This quiz will test your knowledge of Suzuki engines and parts to separate the petrolheads from the rest.

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