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Why I love my Suzuki Swift

We think Suzukis are really awesome cars to drive but we’re not alone. Here’s what one of our customers has to say about why she loves her speedy...

Why we're introducing turbos (and the models to look out for...

Suzuki South Africa is bringing their new range of BOOSTERJET turbocharged engines into the country! We unpack the reasons behind this change and...

Suzuki drivers share their memories of getting their first c...

Getting your first car is an unforgettable moment and it’s even better when that car is one of our beautiful vehicles. We asked Suzuki drivers to...

Suzuki shines as dealers take the lead

May was one    of   two best dealer sales months in Suzuki history with an average of over 1 000 units per month since January points to possible...

How to personalise your ride - and retain its value

Customise your car to stand out from the crowd whilst retaining, or even increasing its value.

The car basics - that no one ever told you

Did you know you’re supposed to rotate your front and back wheels to ensure an even wear and tear? Or that you can replace your own wiper blades ...

Most and least hijacked cars in South Africa [updated]

Whilst you can’t (with certainty) prevent car theft, there are several steps you can take to avoid becoming a hijack victim - one of which is cho...

PRICING ADDED: Suzuki launches second-generation Ertiga in S...

Wider, taller and longer – Suzuki’s new Ertiga is ready for everything that a busy family or active business can throw at it.

We’ve never looked back since we bought a Suzuki and here’s ...

When we say Suzuki is a way of life, we really mean it. Each Suzuki sold creates a unique adventure for all of our customers. These three wonderf...

6 reasons why a hatchback is a great first car

Planning to buy your first car? This is why we recommend nabbing a hatchback!

Why I love my Suzuki Ciaz

Suzukis are awesome but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one of our customers had to say about why he loves his silver metallic Ciaz.

Thule Gives The Jimny More Room To Manoeuvre

Owners of the funky (but very dinky) Suzuki Jimny will be pleased to know that there is a range of Thule products to expand the luggage capacity ...

What made you choose your Suzuki? [VOX POPS]

We spoke to real Suzuki owners to understand what made them choose their cars?

Ask your dealer anything

  What do you want to find out from your car dealers? You asked and we got two Suzuki dealers to answer!

The 7 craziest things you’ve heard about Suzuki

Jimny’s topple over, Suzuki’s aren’t made for tall people…? Read on for some of the craziest myths we’ve heard, and the reality behind them.

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