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How we choose which cars make it to the SA market

Some of our Suzuki family have asked as to why certain models don’t make it to South Africa. Our amazing product planning team finally gives you ...

Evolution of the Suzuki Jimny [updated]

The beloved Suzuki Jimny’s profile is easily recognisable on the road, and the little car has quite a long history.

The evolution of the Suzuki Swift: Changing, but getting bet...

In the 14 years since the original Suzuki Swift was shown publicly at the Paris Motor Show, the compact car has garnered awards and accolades in ...

How (and why) to buy a vintage Jimny

Finding a vintage Suzuki Jimny that somebody is willing to part with is rare. So, if you have one – or are looking to buy one – here’s what you s...

Kaizen | The art of perfection [gallery]

Loosely translated, Kaizen is a philosophy of continuous improvement. Have a look at these five things the Japanese do better than anyone else.

Suzuki innovation [video]

Take a look at Suzuki technology in action and how Suzuki became the small car auto expert.

108 years of Suzuki [timeline]

From a small loom manufacturer in Japan to a global household name in the motor industry, have a look at 108 years of Suzuki history.

Who was Michio Suzuki?


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