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Work out the trade in value of your car [tool]

If you’re looking to trade in your car, you can use this handy Book Value Calculator to work out its approximate current value.

How to compare car insurance

We all know how inconvenient dealing with the aftermath of a fender bender can be. Here’s how to compare car insurance, so you’re covered in an e...

Fuel efficiency 101

The price of fuel affects everyone. No matter what type of car you’re buying, it’s worth knowing your litres from your C02 emissions before signi...

What car are you [quiz]

Can we guess what car you need, based on your personality? Take our quiz to find out which type of car is the mechanical embodiment of you.

Why Suzuki wins at making small cars

Every car manufacturer has a core specialty that sets it apart. Suzuki spotted the compact trend well in advance and has since established itself...

10 surprising facts we bet you didn't know about Suzuki

Get ready to impress your friends with your astounding general knowledge. Here’s a list of ten surprising facts that only Suzuki lovers will know...

Is your car fit for purpose?

  Buying a car is a huge decision, and it’s not one you want to get wrong. Make sure your car is fit for purpose and that you chose it for the ri...

#VoteofConfidence in Suzuki

We took a Vote of Confidence in ourselves this year: extending our legendary warranty to an incredible 200 000kms.

How to improve your credit rating

Buying a car can be tough when you’ve been blacklisted, that’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you clean up your credit record.

Is it safe to buy cars off sites such as Gumtree?

Whether it’s for business or private use, we’re all looking for the best deal on a vehicle. But which buying options are the safest?

6 things your dad never told you about buying a car

Dads know a lot, but technology and the automotive industry has changed a lot since in the past few decades. Here’s some advice you should take w...

The importance of a test drive

You’ve got your heart set on the new Suzuki Ignis, but have you taken it for a spin? Here’s why you should always test drive a car before signing...

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