Me with my Jimny!

Me with my Jimny!

Posted by Megan MacDonald on 5 Jun 2020

Suzuki JimnyAin’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from driving my Jimny!

The Jimny is an iconic 4x4 vehicle in South Africa, appealing to everyone and anyone with an adventurous spirit (which is basically every South African, am I right?). 

Since we introduced the new Suzuki Jimny in 2018 the demand has been enormous, and we can totally understand why. Who doesn't love a car that’s fuel efficient, just the right size, and perfect for both urban and off-road adventures?!

From mountains to valleys, this 4x4 can tackle any terrain. Even better than that is how the Jimny gets us off our couches, lets us experience the true beauty of the big wide world out there, and brings us together.

We’ve loved seeing how the Jimny has given freedom to so many people, and we want to share that with you, our amazing customers. Here are just a few of the fantastic posts we’ve seen about living life with a Jimny.

@iselvadeghi is proving that even when blending in, the Jimny stands out! Talk about a Jungle Jimny.

@charliethegoldenretriever has given the Jimny's predecessor his golden seal of approval, and who could argue with that adorable fluffy little face?!

@hidden_frame_media got this amazing shot with the ‘Jim’. We’re loving the monochromatic aesthetic!

Rolling through the mud is just one of the things a Jimny does best. Sunsets and soundscapes, what a perfect evening. Thanks @Jimnyinafrica for setting this chilled scene.

Not only does the Jimny get you places, it also gets you together. @michelle.olive is moving (across) mountains with the trusty Jimny by her family’s side.

This little Jimny has just been on her maiden voyage, and we’ve got to say, we’re super excited to see where else she goes!

While the sun might be going down, the Jimny will always lift you up. Don’t worry @jimnyinafrica, we’re totally biased too.

Not only is the Jimny great to look at, it’s also great to drive! That traffic must be ‘driving’ you nuts, @makatron.

@CostelloMikeJ’s doggo Sarge is leading the charge against any Jimny haters. Just kidding, the Jimny has no haters.

What @imoto_online is saying is true, the Jimny really is good for every and all occasions. We think you should take your new beauty on an epic urban adventure!

@jimny_adventures and @4wd_ch showing us the Jimny looking oh so pretty in pink! Not only do we love that colour, we also love the girl power in this photo.

@jimnyvibes captured this awe-inspiring shot. What an amazing view (and we don’t just mean the Jimny).

These posts just prove that the Suzuki Jimny will take you to wonderful places and help you make magnificent memories, if you let it.

So book a test drive today and see for yourself!

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