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Megan MacDonald

Megan MacDonald

Head of Marketing and PR. Megan joined the auto industry in 1995 and felt at home straight away, joining the Suzuki family eight years ago and loves what cars mean to people… they’re more than a way to get from A to B. She enjoys the surprised reactions from people when she speaks ‘car’ fluently - as a woman - and her favourite model is the Jimny. This grammar fanatic loves reading historical fiction and - guilty pleasure - playing Candy Crush. Her family are all Suzuki addicts too and her nineteen year old daughter wants a Vitara most of all.

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5 Ways to avoid most smash & grabs

We all do our best to prevent becoming victims of crime, but unfortunately the reality of smash and grabs is prevalent in our country. If you hav...

Why I love my Suzuki Swift

We think Suzukis are really awesome cars to drive but we’re not alone. Here’s what one of our customers has to say about why she loves her speedy...

6 ways to avoid most car accidents

In 2018, we had a shocking 10,564 fatal car accidents on South African roads. But, thankfully, car accidents can sometimes be avoided. There are ...

Suzuki at The Annual South African Festival of Motoring

The annual Festival of Motoring is always a great time for us at Suzuki and this year was better than ever before

The first year of owning a new car

The first year of owning a car can be full of ups and downs. Here is a handy checklist that will make sure you’re ready to navigate  these ups an...

Planning for your first long-distance drive (going far in a ...

There’s still a misconception in SA that small cars aren’t built for long distances. In fact, they’re lighter on fuel and modern compact cars are...

An awesome pre-road checklist to prepare you for all your ad...

Preparing for a holiday trip includes getting your house - and car -  in good order before you leave!

How to personalise your ride - and retain its value

Customise your car to stand out from the crowd whilst retaining, or even increasing its value.

Most and least hijacked cars in South Africa [updated]

Whilst you can’t (with certainty) prevent car theft, there are several steps you can take to avoid becoming a hijack victim - one of which is cho...

Why we always love the Suzuki Ertiga

Once you go Suzuki, it’s hard to go back to anything else. That’s exactly how a marketing agency feels about their company car - the Suzuki Ertig...

Myth busting: what makes a car safe

Safety is one of the biggest talking points when it comes to South African roads, but there seems to be a lot of debate around which safety featu...

What kind of driver are you? [QUIZ]

Our personalities are real influencers in the way we drive. Take our magical quiz to find out which Harry Potter character you’re most like on th...

Traffic circles for dummies

It’s a fact - nearly every person who enters a traffic circle thinks they have the right of way, and that they’re the only ones who know what’s g...

7 ways to drive safer at night [UPDATED]

We don’t mean to sound negative, but the reality is that driving is still one of the most dangerous things you can do. And at night, it becomes e...

6 reasons why a hatchback is a great first car

Planning to buy your first car? This is why we recommend nabbing a hatchback!

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