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Megan MacDonald

Megan MacDonald

Head of Marketing and PR. Megan joined the auto industry in 1995 and felt at home straight away, joining the Suzuki family eight years ago and loves what cars mean to people… they’re more than a way to get from A to B. She enjoys the surprised reactions from people when she speaks ‘car’ fluently - as a woman - and her favourite model is the Jimny. This grammar fanatic loves reading historical fiction and - guilty pleasure - playing Candy Crush. Her family are all Suzuki addicts too and her nineteen year old daughter wants a Vitara most of all.

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Celerio review [video]

The Celerio has been making major waves in 2017, winning two awards for best budget car of the year in short succession. Watch AutoTrader’s revie...

The importance of choosing sustainable seafood

As the sponsors of Sarah Graham’s Food Safari, we’re pretty passionate about great food - and it’s essential to pick ingredients that are sustain...

Our 6 favourite nationwide family friendly BnBs

Finding a family friendly BnB to rest the kids isn’t always easy. Here are our favourites from around the country.

Our 5 best summer recipes

Hot days call for a deliciously different take on salads and even lasagne!

Pre-holiday house preparation [checklist]

Preparing for a holiday trip includes getting your house in good order before you leave! Clive Humphrey, the managing director of ADT Central Reg...

Off the beaten track: 7 affordable family friendly BnBs

Want to go on holiday, but heading to the busy beach is a little too painful to contemplate? Try  something unique instead in some of these off t...

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Amaze your guests with this incredible cheesecake recipe. There’s nothing quite like a velvety cheesecake, and this recipe gives you more than th...

Enter the Suzuki colouring in competition!

Share your creativity and you could win a family hamper pack. Adult colouring in went from being an esoteric oddity to a mainstream hobby and now...

How to prepare your toddler for their first long distance ro...

Toddlers are a wonderful and exhausting ball of energy, tantrums and excitement in one adorable package. Megan MacDonald, Assistant Marketing and...

Baleno review round-up [video]

The Baleno just launched in South Africa after massive success in India. Here’s our round-up of some recent, local reviews.

9 things I love about the Baleno

 The Suzuki Baleno is a sleek hatchback with class, space and an all new platform. Read up on the 8 features I love the most about this brand new...

6 unusual braai desserts you'll love

Tired of serving the same old thing at your braai? Here are 6 awesome desserts your guests will love.

Suzuki Family Day

Suzuki’s Family Day is always a lot of fun, with activities for the little ones, and a craft market and live music for the adults. Here’s a photo...

Our 7 favourite braai sides recipes

    We have 7 braai side recipes you’ll love, from marrow fries to bhajis and more.

The hidden gems of Swaziland

Looking for somewhere exciting to take your 4x4? Eloise Brink went travelling around Swaziland and saw some spectacular sights.

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