Why I love my Vitara Brezza

Why I love my Vitara Brezza

Posted by Megan MacDonald on 12 Mar 2022

Suzuki Vitara Brezza-2It’s no secret that we love our Suzukis and we’re not the only ones! Here’s what two of our customers have to say about their beloved new Vitara Brezza.

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In 2021 Lyn and Denis Pascal decided to buy a new car as a replacement for their old Jetta. After looking for a suitable car for a few months, they finally settled on the Suzuki Vitara Brezza and haven’t looked back since. While the couple both use the car, the Brezza is officially Lyn’s car and she couldn’t be happier. With its all-new Celerio, Suzuki has proven that even if you decide to go small, you can still have it all.

Our Vitara Brezza Story

Before we joined the Suzuki Squad, I had a 17-year-old VW Jetta with very high mileage and Lyn was driving a VW Golf. Being fairly short, Lyn had always wanted to drive an SUV for better ‘over the bonnet’ vision.

In early 2021, we decided that the time had come to sell the old Jetta and begin looking for a replacement. Every time we went down to the local shopping centre, we would scan the parking lot checking out the SUVs to see if we liked any of them. Then our daughter, Lauren (who drives a Suzuki Swift), told us about the new-on-the-market Suzuki Vitara Brezza which she thought would suit us. Her husband, Steve, drives the Suzuki Baleno and they’re both very happy with their Suzuki experiences. Suzuki, of course, is a very well-known motoring brand & the advertising of their range of cars is very impressive. We were definitely interested. During this time, our brother-in-law also mentioned the Toyota Urban Cruiser as a potential option.

So, we started to do some research on the two cars and went to the respective dealerships to test drive them. Both cars were impressive, but we decided to buy the Suzuki Vitara Brezza. The main features in Suzuki’s favour were a better sales price and an improved warranty/service plan.

Shaeem Haniff at Suzuki Umhlanga was very helpful and provided us with excellent service throughout the purchase process. We collected our car, which we’ve named “Brezz”, on the 16th of November, 2021.

What We Love about our Vitara Brezza

Being a ‘compact’ SUV, the Vitara Brezza gives Lyn the higher SUV seat and better ‘over-the-bonnet vision, without the added bulk of a standard SUV. This is Lyn’s favourite feature. She loves that the Brezza has kept the driver’s needs and experience at the forefront of its design.

My favourite feature is the reverse parking camera and ultrasonic sensors. The camera lets me see what obstacles are around the rear end of the car and if I go too close to one, the Brezza makes warning sounds. Parking is so much easier now.

We love the contemporary design of the Brezza. We chose to get the white Brezza which will be cooler in the hot Durban climate. It also contrasts very nicely with the chrome and black trim, and the black interior design.

The feature that surprised us the most was the cooler-box plug in the boot. We were excited about the convenient glovebox cooler in the cabin of the car, but we didn't realise the Brezza could get even cooler! This has really come in handy on our longer road trips.

We recently did a trip up to Johannesburg and we were very pleasantly surprised by the overall fuel consumption. It came to 5.5ℓ/100km, which is far better than my previous car.

Sadly our car-loving Labrador is no longer with us, but we know that she would have loved this car and agreed that it’s definitely ‘Brezza’ than any other.

And It Just Gets Brezza!

We’re planning a trip up to the Kruger National Park and we’re really looking forward to the ‘off-road’ comfort of being in an SUV, and sitting higher for a better wildlife viewing experience.

Overall, we are stoked with our Suzuki experience so far and we believe that the Vitara Brezza provides excellent value for money.

Thinking of joining the Suzuki Squad too? Test drive the Vitara Brezza today and experience Suzuki’s Way of Life for yourself.

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