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How to prepare your toddler for their first long distance road trip

Megan MacDonald
December 14, 2016


Toddlers are a wonderful and exhausting ball of energy, tantrums and excitement in one adorable package. Megan MacDonald, Assistant Marketing and PR Manager at Suzuki SA, shares her advice on travelling with the little one.

It’s quite intimidating to think of packing a toddler - a crawling, talking bundle of energy - into a car for a long road trip. Megan MacDonald, Assistant Marketing and PR Manager at Suzuki SA, raised two of them to happy young adulthood and she shares her advice on a successful road trip with the under 5s.

  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE OUTFIT CHANGES Not packing additional, easily accessible clothes for a little one with a diaper and a penchant for spilling is asking for trouble. Keep these on top of the other luggage so you can grab them in an emergency.
  • READING In Megan’s experience, little kids love being read to. Pack some favourite books, and download audio books too. A book series is a great idea too.
  • MUSIC Little kids love music, so despite the irritation, pack their favourite CD along too. The tantrum-free trip will be worth the repetitive lyrics!
  • SNACKS Pack their favourite snacks, and keep them easily available too. A little something to munch on will make anyone happier.
  • WATER It’s easy to forget, but water in a sippy cup is really essential for a long trip in a hot car (even if you have climate control).
  • PLAN FOR BATHROOM BREAKS With not much self-control and smelly diapers in tow, planning where to take your little one for a bathroom break will become very important when you can’t find a spot.
  • TOYS We can’t emphasise enough how much you need to entertain them. Some toys will make all the difference on a long trip. For colouring in pages and more, download our free car games ebook.

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