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How to put in an ISOFIX car seat [infographic]

Megan MacDonald
By Megan MacDonald
September 03, 2016

Isofix car seatIsofix is one of the safest, easiest and quickest ways to correctly install a car seat, and we’ve put together an infographic on how to do this effortlessly.

People make mistakes, so choosing a car seat that minimises that risk is a great idea. Most car seats use seatbelts, and a recent UK study showed that 52% of these are installed incorrectly! Isofix does away with seatbelts and uses a far more secure system - metal fixing points built into the vehicle at manufacturing, with the same treatment for the car seat. The literally CLICK! into place.

The pros of ISOFIX

  • These metal points create a permanent connection between the car seat and the car chassis, which means sudden braking or car accidents will have a much smaller impact on your child
  • ISOFIX has been proven incredibly safe in all tests
  • It’s super easy to use!

Check out our infographic below on installing one without breaking a sweat.

Install an isofix car seat | Infographic

This still not making sense? Watch the video. 



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