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Brendon Carpenter

Brendon Carpenter

Sales Trainer and Developer. The newly married Brendon joined the car industry in 2010 and finds the excitement of launching new models exhilarating. He enjoys learning about the creation of new models - from concept to production, marketing and sales - and watching them in action with customers; in short, as he puts it, “the entire vehicle lifecycle”. He’s passionate about everything to do with cars, bikes and 4x4s and, unsurprisingly, the Jimny is his favourite model because it will “still be SUPER cool in 30 year's time and show the ‘bigger, tougher, more expensive’ 4x4's how it's done.” He an off-road fanatic and loves adventuring in the outdoors - hunting for geocaches, going scuba diving and taking his motorbike out.

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How to keep your car in crisp condition

Keeping your car squeaky clean may present itself as a chore and getting it washed may seem like an inconvenience. But who does not love a shiny ...

10 car insights that should scare you

We’re living in the great age of consumer choice  where companies have to offer their customers a variety of options in order to remain competiti...

The SLDA radio makes driving and tech a little easier

Suzuki is always striving to bring you fantastic features that make your Suzuki car even more awesome - and that’s exactly what the SLDA radio do...

Demystifying the safety rating – and what that means for SA ...

The European New Car Assessment Programme (EuroNCAP) is widely recognised as the final word on vehicle safety. But before you refuse to test driv...

How to prevent pedestrian accidents [UPDATED]

Pedestrian accidents are a massive concern in South Africa due to poor infrastructure and excessively bad driving habits, but there are some thin...

We’ve never looked back since we bought a Suzuki and here’s ...

When we say Suzuki is a way of life, we really mean it. Each Suzuki sold creates a unique adventure for all of our customers. These three wonderf...

How to tell if your car is fuel efficient  (and the reasons ...

Fuel efficiency is every driver’s goal, but how do you know if you’re hitting the mark?

Car myths and facts

We break down some common myths around cars  . . . and share some interesting facts, too.

Real-time road test: Waze vs Google Maps

 What’s actually faster - Google Maps, or Waze? Using Suzuki South Africa’s Jimny and Baleno, we tested the two apps to see which one came out on...

11 of the best 4x4 trails in Southern Africa [UPDATED]

If you’re a 4x4 enthusiast, you’ll want to add these trails to your bucket list - these are 11 adventures you don’t want to miss out on!

Have you outgrown your Suzuki?

Is there a right or wrong time to buy a new car, when should you be considering making the change and how to go about making this important finan...

Why you should finance any extras when buying your car

Perhaps financing your car’s extras is a dilemma that hasn’t hit you yet, or maybe you hadn’t considered the options when shopping for your car.

Extended warranty 101: everything you need to know

Your car’s warranty covers any unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdowns. Extending your warranty is a good idea if you plan to keep your ca...

Are you a good driver? [quiz]

Our guess is your answer is a definitive YES. Take our quiz to find out for sure!

The 7 things that make your car cost a fortune in the long r...

Need to save some cash? Take a closer look at how you drive and maintain your car: you’ll be surprised how many unnecessary costs can be avoided.

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