S-Presso - the new SUV-inspired Suzuki
Brendon Carpenter

Brendon Carpenter

Brendon Carpenter is the national Suzuki Brand Manager. The newly married Brendon joined the car industry in 2010 and finds the excitement of launching new models exhilarating. He enjoys learning about the creation of new models - from concept to production, marketing and sales - and watching them in action with customers; in short, as he puts it, “the entire vehicle lifecycle”. He’s passionate about everything to do with cars, bikes and 4x4s and, unsurprisingly, the Jimny is his favourite model because it will “still be SUPER cool in 30 year's time and show the ‘bigger, tougher, more expensive’ 4x4's how it's done.” He an off-road fanatic and loves adventuring in the outdoors - hunting for geocaches, going scuba diving and taking his motorbike out.
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Posts by Brendon Carpenter

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