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8 tips on teaching your children how to drive  [video]

Teaching your children to drive is both exhilarating and terrifying. Megan MacDonald, Head of Marketing and PR at Suzuki SA, has taught two child...

How to keep your car hygienic [heat map]

We spend a lot of time in our cars, so naturally there are some germ hotspots which we need to look out for. Here’s how you can keep your ride ge...

Car suspension: how low can you really go?

Your car’s suspension is generally out of sight and out of mind, but it plays a crucial role. The suspension does everything from ensuring the wh...

Why Suzuki designs the best interiors

Few car manufacturers find the right balance between stylish and functional – here’s why Suzuki is winning the interior design game.

What impacts your car’s resale value

Do I really need to fix that dent? Find out which factors genuinely have an impact on the resale value of your car.

6 questions to ask when you take your car for a service

Your annual car service is an important part of proper vehicle maintenance and shouldn’t be skipped. Ask your mechanic these questions for your p...

Budget guide to an awesome car sound system

Your car’s sound system is easy to amp up with some budget friendly changes. Suzuki’s car customisation expert, Chazlin Haskins, takes us through...

The budget guide to pimping out your car

Suzuki’s car customisation expert, Chazlin Haskins, takes us through 5 budget car pimping techniques to take your car from sad to swag.

How not to pimp your car [gallery]

It’s cool to customise your car and give it character but sometimes things can go horribly wrong. Have a look at these hilarious (and a little sc...

What are you actually paying for with fuel?

With the petrol price in major flux, we thought we’d breakdown all the factors which contribute to the petrol price and the knocks to your wallet...

Car terminology quiz

Test your car knowledge here in this quick quiz! Kilowatt, torque, isofix? Car terminology can be a maze of technical jargon! Take our quiz to sh...

5 reasons Mrs SA loves her Vitara [video]

The Suzuki Vitara is an award winning car that packs style, space and functionality into one model. Watch Mrs SA, Hlengiwe Twala, review her Vita...

6 reasons why you need to service your car

Car services are essential to keeping your car running smoothly and save you a lot of money in the long run. Here are six reasons why you need to...

16 tips for a safe and cost efficient road trip [video]

Long distance drives can be tiring and expensive. Here are some great tips and tricks from our expert, Charl Grobler, to help you stay safe and s...

What we love about small engine cars (and how to drive them)...

Small engined cars give a lot of bang for their buck. Here are some things we love about smaller engined cars that we think you’ll love too.

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