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Are you a good driver? [quiz]

Brendon Carpenter
By Brendon Carpenter
April 23, 2018

Are you a good driverOur guess is your answer is a definitive YES. Take our quiz to find out for sure!

Let’s be honest, if someone asked you if you thought of yourself as a good driver, you'd probably reply “yes”, without even thinking about what actually makes you a good driver.

Well, we’ve come up with a fun quiz that will test to see whether you’re as good a driver as you think you are. As the AA points out, “Attitude” is considered a vital attribute of a good driver, so this quiz was designed to test your attitude towards driving.

Take our quiz to see if you really are a good driver.


Whether you are a great driver or not as good, we all know that safety  is made up of many facets. Why not have a look at these tips for avoiding a hijacking and stay safe, even if it  is from the yellow lane ;)

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