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What do your car modifications say about your personality? [Quiz]

Chazlin Haskins
By Chazlin Haskins
December 01, 2018

Ignis - 5047

Take our quiz to find out what your car modifications say about who you are!

Ever since the car was first invented, there have been people who have tried to make their cars go faster, sound louder and even look brighter... and then there are those who don’t care much for all of that. Things haven’t changed much - you still have people who make it their life's work to outdo everyone on the road and those who are confident to “stay in their lane”.

So what do your car modifications say about you? We've created this quiz to help you find that out. Are you a "Custom-made Head" or a "Factory Knows Best King", or something in between?

Let's find out.




Now that you know what your car modifications say about your personality, why not take the quiz and find out if you’re a good driver?

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