Lifestyles and accommodating your car for it

Lifestyles and accommodating your car for it

Posted by Megan MacDonald on 26 Sep 2023

Suzuki Lifestyle Whether you're cruising through the concrete jungle or conquering untamed terrains, there's a vehicle and a load of funky accessories waiting to fulfil your wildest automotive dreams. From compact city chariots that come packed with must-have features to off-road adventurers' rides ready to tackle nature's toughest challenges, and family cars that bring convenience and order to the chaos, buckle up and discover the perfect match for your quirkiest desires and budget.

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With so many vehicle types to choose from you really can find a vehicle that suits both your budget and your lifestyle. The trick is to really dig into what you need in a car and research what your options are.

Many vehicles can be ordered with specific accessories and there are just as many aftermarket options that you can add that will make your life so much easier! It’s impossible to list all the variations in a single post, so we’ve put together a few scenarios that may help point you in the right direction.

Note: all features and accessories in this post are examples drawn from the Suzuki range. To see the exact options on each vehicle, please visit the Suzuki South Africa website.

The city-slicker single

If you’re living the single-in-the-city life, the style of car you choose all depends on personal taste and budget. That said, compact vehicles tend to be more popular as it’s easier to navigate narrow streets and find a parking spot in creative places.

The Suzuki Swift, Baleno, Ignis, Celerio, and Fronx all make perfect city cars, but with very different styles. To keep your cool in city traffic, you’ll likely want to make sure your car has the following features:

  • Bluetooth / handsfree smartphone connection
  • USB port - especially when traffic is standing still and you have less than 10% left on your phone
  • A decent radio - you may as well use this time to catch up on news and gossip
  • Air Conditioning
  • ABS - prevents skidding where loss of steering and control result from locked wheels when braking hard.

In addition to the above, there are some amazing accessories that will make your city life run just a little bit smoother. Example:

  • A shopping hook that lets you hang your bags behind the front passenger seat. Obviously it’s not a great idea for handbags, but it’s perfect for jackets, gym bags, organising shopper bags and so on.
  • A boot organiser. It’s a bit like a boot tray with different size compartments. Ideal for those who are packing extra shoes for gym, water bottles, laptop bags or any smaller items that need to stay in place.
  • Sun shades - really handy if your car spends a lot of time parked in the sun
  • Mirror covers - these are usually put on as part of a styling kit, but they also offer protection against shopping trolleys or parking lot pillars.

The options are endless for city-slicker-singles - you can style and accessorise your car until it suits you perfectly.

The outdoor adventurers

Sadly, adulting requires most of us to work during the week. This means many people want a car that suits the daily commute, but with the right accessories to seamlessly slot into your weekend plans.

If you’re an outdoor adventurer, you’re probably looking for a bit more packing space and even ride height to get over some tricky terrain. Options such as the Suzuki Jimny and Grand Vitara will all be a good fit - it all depends on your preference.

During the week you’ll find features such as Bluetooth, USB ports and air conditioning very handy, while over the weekend you can consider:

  • Tow bar
  • Mud flaps
  • Rubber mats - especially if you’re camping / hiking
  • Utility hooks - to secure items in the boot
  • Roof rack - there are various types depending on what you want to transport
  • Cargo partition - this allows you to organise and secure various types of cargo from suitcases to tents and cooler boxes.
  • Loading edge protection - if you’re constantly dragging heavy cargo in and out of your boot, this will prevent scratches on the painted edge of the boot space.

There are many more options and accessories available for those who like to hit the open road on weekends. Find out what your options are and make note of the items that are most important to you. Remember that your dealership can also give excellent advice as they know which features perform the best in different situations.

The modern family

Every family is different, but for the purpose of this post we’re using two adults and two children as an example. As always, it depends on personal preference and budget, but a family vehicle can be anything from a Suzuki Ciaz, Baleno, Ertiga, Dzire, Grand Vitara or XL6.

Most parents will agree that keeping things clean and organised are a priority. If you don’t stay ahead of the chaos, things can deteriorate rapidly. If you have an infant, you will obviously look at features such as child-seat anchor points and rear window sun shades. Wide doors that allow easy access are also at the top of the list.

When it comes to accessories there are many options. Some of the most popular are:

  • Rubber mats - ideal for crumbs and spills
  • Tough and easy-clean upholstery
  • Boot organiser - for bags, sport clothes, groceries and the lot
  • Door sill guards - when your children are jumping in and out of the car all day, you’ll be happy to have these
  • Roof box - handy additional packing space for holidays
  • Multiple USB ports (or just a reliable portable charger), especially for extended road trips

These are just a few examples of what you can specify and add to your vehicle to make it the ideal family car. As with all the other examples, it really depends on your specific lifestyle and what you need in a vehicle.


There are many different lifestyles, family sizes and budgets and thankfully there are just as many vehicle types and accessories to choose from.

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