How not to pimp your car [gallery]

How not to pimp your car [gallery]

Posted by Sini Suzuki on 1 Jun 2017

Suzuki_how not to pimp a carIt’s cool to customise your car and give it character but sometimes things can go horribly wrong. Have a look at these hilarious (and a little scary) DIY fails.

We all want our cars to have character. Whether it’s a bumper sticker, a funky key chain or a custom paint job, people love to add a touch of their own personality to their rides - but sometimes too much character is a bad thing...

Have a look at these six hilarious (and a little scary) do it yourself (DIY) fails

spare tyre

Image source: Viral Whirled

Whilst being able to improvise is a great skill - we don’t recommend borrowing a trolley wheel when you get a flat tyre.

can't believe eyes gif

Driving on mismatched tyres is not only dangerous for you and other motorists, but can lead to expensive maintenance problems caused by stress on your car’s suspension, ABS and transmission. Saving a couple of bucks by using a different tyre is not worth the risk.

 Suzuki_how not to pimp a car Redbull can fix

Image source: Drive Tribe

Suzuki_how not to pimp a car Pringles

Image source: Viral Whirled

We know Red Bull gives you wings… but the only wings you’ll be getting with these DIY fixes will be flying off the side of a freeway.

giphy (9).gif

Proper car maintenance is imperative for your safety and the safety of others on the roads. Improperly maintained vehicles are one of the leading causes of accidents, injuries and fatalities. Avoid becoming a statistic by sticking to driving best practices and regularly servicing and maintaining your vehicle.

Suzuki_how not to pimp a car- don't use a torch to fix your headlight

Image source: Viral Whirled

giphy (10).gif

You know what isn’t a bright idea? Using a camping torch to fix your headlight.

Don’t underestimate the importance of working head and tail lights on your car. Apart from helping you see where you’re going at night and in bad weather conditions, it also helps other motorists see you. Stay safe (and avoid collisions) by ensuring all your car’s lights are operational and switched on in the rain, mist and from dusk to dawn when the visibility on the roads is at its worst.

Expectation vs. reality:

Suzuki_how not to pimp a car- don't spray paint your car.jpg

Image source: Ebay

Thinking of spraying your car a hot matt black? Think again.

Suzuki_how not to pimp a car- get a professional paint job.jpg

Image source: Do it Yourself World

giphy (4).gif

Spray painting your car may not be a safety hazard, but it will definitely have a negative effect on your car’s resale value. If you’re thinking of going for a colour change, make sure you get your paint job done professionally.

Suzuki_how not to pimp a car- use genuine parts.jpg

Image source: Autoshopper

Taking the natural look to a whole new level. We’re not sure what to make of this one…

giphy (2).gif

This is dangerous for so many different reasons

Suzuki_how not to pimp a car- have your car professionally repaired.jpg

Image source: Mister Motor Mouth

Is your central locking system playing up? Never fear, you can just install a DIY padlock system for a quick and easy fix.

giphy (5).gif

Central locking can be a pain when something goes wrong, but there are three common culprits for a faulty locking system that your dealer can help you solve without ruining your car’s aesthetic appeal.

  • Your battery is flat. Before doing anything drastic, try replacing the battery in your car key as this is the most common source of central locking problems.
  • Your car key is faulty. Like all technology, sometimes car keys can run into a bug in their programming. If it’s not the batteries, ask your dealer to check out your remote for any signal problems.
  • You’ve blown a fuse. If one door is giving you problems but the others are locking and unlocking normally, this indicates a fuse has blown. Fuses are cheap and relatively easy to fix.

Following your house, your car is one of your biggest investments, so you’ll want to ensure that it retains its resale value - which means taking proper care of your car’s exterior, interior and engine. Don’t be fooled into thinking that DIY offers you a quick and cheap alternative to having the job done professionally. Often trying to cut corners leads to further, unplanned expenses and dangerous consequences.

Driving well and taking care of your car will help keep your baby running smoothly for longer, read our advice on extending the lifespan of your car.

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