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Ruined your beautiful car with an accidental scrape? Here’s an awesome quick fix video.

Suzuki is going to the moon!

We love you to   the moon and back? With Suzuki, this is a reality!

Some awesome Suzuki bike decals and airbrush art

For some people, it’s not enough owning an awesome bike - they need to make it personal too. Here...

Suzuki Gsx-R converted for dirt! [video]

Dirt biking is even more fun when you’re doing it with a full throttle GSX-R 1000! The powerful...

[video] Some incredibly dangerous bike stunts

Hold your breath and get ready for some awesome stunts on a Suzuki bike

A race car with a Suzuki motorbike engine

We’ve got the best of both in this awesome racing package - a racing car bod with a Suzuki...

Quad bike stunts

Take a sturdy quad bike, throw in a stunt master and you won’t believe what these bad boys can do.

The best motorbike Instagram feed

I’m motorbike mad and this action filled Instagram feed scratches that itch with all bikes Suzuki.

Some pretty sick Suzuki Swift colours

We love something a little different, and this ‘Swift cocktail’ is definitely that

The only Jimny drift you’ll see [video]

You’ve seen a Jimny go up and over, under and out, and now you can watch it drifting sideways!

The Reveal of the New SX4

 The misty hills of the Magaliesburg was the setting for the launch of the class leading SX4.