The only Jimny drift you’ll see [video]

The only Jimny drift you’ll see [video]

Posted by Sini Suzuki on 6 Sep 2016

The only Jimny drift you’ll see [video]

You’ve seen a Jimny go up and over, under and out, and now you can watch it drifting sideways!

You’ve never quite seen anything quite like this. This Jimny-hack drifts with the best of them on the Suzuki Twins circuit - all thanks to a custom build.

So how did this bad boy get on the road? Kinokuni, a Japanese parts company, needed a demo car to show their parts in. So they took a Jimny shell, placed it on top of a custom tube-frame, added a SR20 engine and Silvia suspension. As the narrator says, “This is basically a really short Silvia.”

The action starts at around the 1.20 mark and you’ll see some pretty sick drifts around 1.40, and again at 4.30. 

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