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5 things you should never do in an automatic [video]

Sini Suzuki
February 26, 2017

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There are some pretty simple mistakes to make in a conventional (torque converter) automatic, and this video - with over 8 million views - digs into why they’re so dangerous to do (and  bad for your car!)

We love this video by Engineering Explained that really digs into some common automatic driving mistakes.

Here’s our summary, but watch the full video for all the details (it’s worth it!):

  1. NEVER COAST IN NEUTRAL: It might be slightly more fuel efficient, but this move is risky! The driver is out of control, and it’s actually illegal in some parts of the USA.
  2. SWITCHING BETWEEN DRIVE AND REVERSE WITHOUT STOPPING: Use your brakes to stop the car, and not your transmission! The brakes are easy to service and replace, the transmission is not.
  3. DON’T ‘LAUNCH’ THE CAR: A common mistake is to rev it up in neutral and carry it in drive. This is a risky move that could harm your transmission.  
  4. PUT THE CAR IN NEUTRAL AT STOPS Leave your car in drive! It doesn’t really save petrol, doesn’t really add much additional stress on engine, and means you move forward much easier when you can go forward. There’s really no good reason to take it out of drive.
  5. PUT THE CAR IN PARK BEFORE YOU’VE STOPPED You could really damage your car by putting it in park before you’ve come to a complete stop.



Still want a few more tips  on driving in an  automatic? Read our blog on 6 tricks on saving fuel in an automatic.
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