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How to drive in a traffic circle [video]

Sini Suzuki
January 28, 2017

How to drive in a traffic circleTraffic circles can be tricky to navigate, but here’s a handy video that lays out the rules clearly.

Traffic circles, or roundabouts, can lead to a lot of road rage with confused drivers approaching it differently.

Says Arrive Alive, “The advantages of a roundabout are:

  • Traffic calming
  • Reduction of angle and head-on crashes
  • Reduction of crash severity
  • Improvement of intersection capacity
  • Aesthetic improvements”

We love Discovery’s easy to follow tutorial on staying safe when taking the circle - and remember to be wary of trucks! They can take up two lanes when turning.

Check out our post on  teaching your children how to drive. and get some advice from a mom who taught two teens to drive. If you find that useful, check out this guide to buying a car for your child that was also written by car  expert and mom of 2, Megan MacDonald. 

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