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The unexpected advantages of buying a small car [infographic]

Charl Grobler
October 08, 2016

The advantages of buying a small carYou’ve heard it before and it’s true with cars too - bigger isn’t always better.  Check out our infographic to see the boast-worthy elements of smaller vehicles.

Stretched out sedan or zippy hatchback? There are lots of advantages to a small car - from the cost, to its functionality on the roads and more! Brendon Carpenter, sales trainer and developer at Suzuki South Africa and a total car junky, told us his favourite aspects of a smaller vehicle.

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Advantages of driving a small car in South Africa | Infographic

Looking to buy a zippy small car for your child? Choosing a first car can be tough so  we have written a guide to buying a car for your child. This guide was designed to help you  navigate buying a car for your child.

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