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Instalment calculator  [tool]

Charl Grobler
August 13, 2016

Suzuki Installment calculator

Buying a car comes with many choices and responsibilities, and your car payment is the biggest one.

Dealership financing is a common and handy way to pay for your brand new vehicle. In this type of financing, you enter into a contract with a dealer where you buy a car through the dealership and agree to pay the amount of the car as well as an additional finance charge.

The advantages of this type of financing are the convenience, the options (most dealers have relationships with a variety of financial institutions) and the opportunity for specials.

Use our handy installment calculator to work out your possible monthly premium.

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Want to buy a car and have no idea where to start? We have compiled a guide of questions to ask your dealer that will guide you through this process.Download our free booklet of    Questions to Ask Your Dealer   and get our insider tips  into everything you need to know from the dealer about buying a car.

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