What to do at a petrol station

What to do at a petrol station

Posted by Chelsy Pinto on 22 Mar 2017
What to do at a petrol station | Suzuki Are all petrol stations made equal? I’m afraid not! Here are some key things to look out for when filling up. Everyone thinks they know what to do at the petrol station, but we’ve got some insider tips that might change the way you approach your next visit.


Especially during the rainy season! Petrol stations located in low lying areas could potentially have groundwater leaking into their tanks, and there’s a chance that water gets into your fuel tank. This could damage your engine, so try to stay on higher ground.  


It’s key that the forecourt (area pumps) is flat and level. If you’re on an incline, your petrol reading might not be accurate and your car not filled all the way.  Its also worth mentioning that you should only fill your car to the first “click”.


You may be in a hurry, but it’s a big mistake to check your oil as soon as you’ve pulled up to the petrol station. Turn your car off and keep it stationary for at least two minutes. This will keep your measure accurate, as the oil in the engine settles in the sump.


Show an active interest by stepping out the vehicle, being aware of what petrol your car is actually being filled with, checking what oil is used and essentially, being alert and aware of what is being done to your expensive investment.


My best advice is to buy your own good quality pressure gauge. There are several advantages to this: you know it’s going to be consistent across petrol stations, and you know it’s both accurate and calibrated, unlike the irregularly checked petrol station gauges that gets thrown around the forecourt. They’re not too pricey and could save you serious damage from uneven or incorrectly inflated tyres.


Your car’s book - you know, the one you keep in the cubby hole? It’s actually packed with useful information. Oil, for example, is a mystery to most people - including your petrol attendant! Your car’s manual will lay this all out in detail as well as tyre pressures, general maintenance tips and making sure your car runs like it should.

Ever wondered whether you should be using 93 or if it  is worth the extra cost of using 95  Unleaded? This is of course dependant on a couple of factors but we break down the  factors you should consider and what you need to know to determine whether you should use 93 or 95 in your car.

In short, pay keen attention to your car and how an active interest what happens to it - even on a routine visit to top up your petrol tank. This will help keep your car running smoother and help prevent potential disasters.

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Our Suzuki experts have compiled a guide to showing you the best way s to take care of your car so you can keep your baby longer and extend her lifetime.

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