Ignis walk-through [VIDEO]

Date: 19 Jun 2017
Category: Buying a car


The Suzuki Ignis is the latest introduction to the compact Urban SUV segment, and is widely heralded as the shake up the market needs. But why believe what we say? See it for yourself:

The Suzuki Ignis is taking the ultra-compact crossover segment by storm.

The South African market loves these capable, roomy cars and the market is already populated with the Renault Stepway and the VW Cross Up but the Ignis is set to mix things up. Launched at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2015, Suzuki’s Ignis is heralded as the new blood the market needs and it’s already receiving rave reviews internationally for its style, price and practicality.

Have a look at the car yourself:


Read our blog titled  Everybody loves the Ignis (not just us!) and see what everyone thinks for it or book a test drive in  an Ignis  to experience it for yourself.

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