8 reasons to buy a Ciaz [video]

8 reasons to buy a Ciaz [video]

Posted by Brendon Carpenter on 25 Jan 2017

2 Suzuki Ciaz vehicles The space, the fuel efficiency, aerodynamic design… find out why we love the Ciaz.

The Ciaz is a svelte, fuel efficient sedan with a simply enormous interior.

We love it’s keyless entry, climate control and great features like a power supply to the back seats - no more fighting over who can charge their phone in the front!

Watch this review video to see the car in action, or watch below for the 8 reasons why Charl Grobler, former Marketing Manager at Suzuki, thinks the Ciaz is a game changer.

  1. IT’S HUGE INSIDE It’s the biggest car in its class with a lot of space around the rear seats, and a simply massive boot. It’s a lot of car for a little money
  2. FUEL EFFICIENT The Ciaz has the best fuel consumption in its class and has a really low running cost
  3. FEATURE PACKED Projector headlamps, climate control, a rear power supply (even people in the back seat can plug in their phones now!), rear air vents and lights
  4. KEYLESS ENTRY James Bond style
  5. STYLISH The body style has a beautiful, sleek look
  6. AERODYNAMIC It’s the most aerodynamic Suzuki model and this helps to save on petrol costs
  7. BASED ON THE SWIFT It’s fun to drive
  8. AFFORDABLE A lot of car for a good price!
  9. And ONE MORE... It was updated in 2019 with a stunning new look!

Click here to get more information and book a test drive in the Ciaz.

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