A lot of LUV at the Ertiga Launch (2014)

A lot of LUV at the Ertiga Launch (2014)

Posted by Suzuki Auto South Africa on 30 Jun 2014

Ertiga MC 2022_Blue Vehicle 9_ July 2022_Blog header Everyone loves positive feedback and we are no different. We thought we would share the impressions of one of our guests about the recent launch of the Suzuki Ertiga.

Since the Launch of the 2014 Ertiga, Suzuki has launched the next generation seven-seater Ertiga  with more power,  updated styling and  the public responded well to it, to read more read some of the reviews of the 2019 Suzuki Ertiga.

"A car launch should be all about the car, right?

This is what I thought, however I had my perspective changed significantly at the launch of the new Suzuki Ertiga. It started as you would expect with some facts and figures about the car market and how this new car will solve the world's problems. It will be the people's champion offering you everything you ever thought you wanted in a car all at the best possible price. "blah, blah" hey what, why is there a choir of children singing to me about Suzuki? Where did that come from? Who are they and why are they part of a car launch?

I was suddenly snapped out of my routine, nobody was talking about ride height or fuel economy, a group of 30 or so school children are now singing "All you need is love" by the Beatles and they are singing it beautifully. I am still coming out of my shock and trying to figure out what's going on when the cars are revealed. The smiling, singing faces are now thumping out the chorus "All you need is love" and the penny drops. The Ertiga is a Life Utility Vehicle or LUV, but essentially it's a seven-seater people mover.

As the song comes to an end we are informed that we will be transporting the choir back to their school, the Bulugha Farm School in rural Eastern Cape. We will be taking them back to the school where Suzuki will be building a classroom that is desperately needed to accommodate the very eager young learners. 30 minutes later we are welcomed at the school by throngs of youngsters who are neatly dressed and well disciplined, eagerly chanting the new song which hails Suzuki for the good it is doing for the school.

The ceremony is concluded with the Suzuki team handing out stationery and food packs to each of the children.

The experience of visiting the school was humbling to say the least. The learners were everything you wish to see in children, polite, excited, respectful and most importantly eager to learn. The teachers are respected and show respect for the children, even though they have only the most basic of facilities.

I will support any initiative that makes a difference to people's lives and if this is how Suzuki approaches CSI, then I will support them in every possible way. I love the fact that the initiative was conceived and delivered with the right intentions, not to gain publicity.

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