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Ciaz review and 8 reasons we love this sedan [video]

Charl Grobler
February 12, 2017


The Suzuki Ciaz is a sedan punching above its weight and offers serious competition to other cars in its class. Read what thought of the model here

The Ciaz is a highly competitive sedan with great features, good value for money and enormous boot space. David Taylor from tested the Suzuki Ciaz out for a week and came away with an overall postive impression of the model, saying it beats others in it’s class by looks alone. He says, “It's the specification levels and value for money where Suzuki does well and the Ciaz is no exception. Interior space is also highly commended with both the boot space and rear legroom being larger than expected.”

Though David wasn’t mad about the specs Suzuki chose (for example, keyless entry over ISOFIX) he loved the safety features and huge interior space, saying, “Ergonomics and interior build quality are simple, uncluttered and solid respectively. There are some clever touches too, such as the centre console storage area lighting up when it’s dark. The Bluetooth pairing system is easy to use, despite the basic LCD screen. The Suzuki Ciaz has basic safety ticked with a driver and passenger airbag, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) as well as brake assist.”

Specs3 (1).jpg

Spec infographic from

Read the full review here, and see what Charl Grobler, manager of marketing and product planning at Suzuki South Africa, loves about the car below.

Book a test drive and judge for yourself! 

Want to know more about the Ciaz?   Read our 8 reasons on why you should buy the Ciaz.

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