How I became A Suzuki fan

How I became A Suzuki fan

Posted by Samantha Greenwood-Selby on 15 Jun 2020

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It’s time for some good news! Read how one lucky winner became part of the Suzuki family – and why she’s decided to stay.

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Like so many people, I sometimes enter competitions and then quickly forget about them, because what are the odds of winning? Well, I am here to tell you to enter every competition you can, because it just may change your life!

“Is this Mrs Greenwood-Selby? Did you go to the Rand Show and buy your tickets online?” These are the questions I was asked before hearing: “You've just won a Suzuki Swift!” I had completely forgotten that I had entered the Suzuki ‘All the right feels’ competition, so this phone call came as an unbelievable surprise. And, I’ll be honest, I didn’t quite believe all of it until I actually drove off in my brand new car.

Before this life-altering moment, I had never considered Suzuki a contender when car shopping – admittedly to my detriment! I don’t know why Suzuki never crossed my radar, but this experience has taught me to start doing my own research and trusting my gut a bit more when it comes to brand names.

As soon as I was told I’d won, I jumped straight onto the net to familiarise myself with the brand and my new car. I had won a Suzuki Swift and needed to know absolutely everything! While drooling over this gorgeous city-slicker, I admit I was instantly drawn to the Vitara as well, but I put that thought on the backburner in the excitement of winning a Swift.

After a month of driving around in my little Swift, which is very fuel-efficient, I was hooked on the Suzuki brand. I went back and took another look at the Vitara and, just three weeks later, I proudly took delivery of my brand new Suzuki Vitara 1.6 AT! Suzuki had won me over with the Swift, but I knew that the Vitara was best suited to my lifestyle.

The feeling when I was handed the keys to my Vitara was overwhelming. My first white car (it makes me feel grown up!), my first automatic car and admittedly my first 'adult car'.  A car that says, young, fun and adventurous luxury without the huge price tag of other crossover vehicles in its class.

My car must-haves were a sunroof, arm-rest, reverse camera, Apple CarPlay, decent price range, crossover SUV, sunglass holder and, keyless stop/start button. The Vitara checked every box. From my experience with the Swift, I knew the Vitara would offer great performance and fuel efficiency, so I didn’t get stuck on engine details. It’s all about daily comfort and style for me! The Vitara was therefore a no-brainer.

One of the things I love most about my car is the practical sizing. Big enough for the family and small enough to zip into parking bays without having to do a 33-point manoeuvre. The panoramic sunroof, which is open just about everyday, allows me the freedom of fresh air without feeling exposed and vulnerable in Mzansi traffic. It's like an ‘SUV-meets-Cabriolet’.

What I've also noticed, driving around, is that I can go an entire day without spotting another Vitara – for now.  Although I want more people to discover this brand, I also love the uniqueness of my choice. It gives me a sense of bold leadership on the roads. I imagine how drivers of shiny Italian sports cars must feel too!

When I do spot a like-minded driver, I often think, “You've got great taste sir, nice car", or, “Another smart lady choosing a Vitara".  In fact, our family play a game called 'yellow car' and have to be the first to announce when a yellow car is spotted. We've now added Vitara to the repertoire and that earns you a cool five spotting points! 

I know I was lucky that I won my way into the Suzuki family. Knowing what I know now, however, I want to encourage everyone to at least add Suzuki to their test drive list. Whether you buy one or not, I guarantee you will enjoy the experience and learn something about this incredible brand.

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What more can I say about my dream car other than "'in a field of horses, I drive a unicorn!"

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