Why we always love the Suzuki Ertiga

Why we always love the Suzuki Ertiga

Posted by Megan MacDonald on 27 Apr 2019

Suzuki Ertiga

Once you go Suzuki, it’s hard to go back to anything else. That’s exactly how a marketing agency feels about their company car - the Suzuki Ertiga.

There are various types of cars that are used as company cars, from hatchbacks to supercarriers, all depending on the needs of the business. The Ertiga, Suzuki’s first lifestyle utility vehicle in South Africa, was designed to be a practical yet fun-to-drive car catering for all the needs of diverse South African families.. Not only a functional family car, the Ertiga  can also be used as a company car - which is what integrated marketing agency Penquin has done.

Penquin have used their first generation Suzuki Ertiga for all their deliveries and other operations for the past six years. Operations coordinator Michael Thantsha, and IT and office support manager  Michael Rawlinson are the main drivers of their Ertiga and have enjoyed every moment on the road in it.  

“Our newly rebranded Ertiga has done more than 300 000 kms and we’ve never really had any major issues with the car,” says Michael T. “It handles the different types of loads extremely well. From boxes filled with brochures to gazebos, the Ertiga has carried it all and still drives like a dream.” Michael T. has driven to Limpopo and back in the Ertiga and it remains fuel efficient. “It’s a comfortable drive.”

“I really struggle to find anything more that I want out of this car because it’s been a complete joy as a company car. We only had to replace the clutch once but other than that the maintenance of the car has been easy,” says Michael R. “I’ve driven competing MPVs before and nothing compares to the Ertiga. No matter how heavy the load is, I feel completely safe driving it.” Michael R. was surprised with how easy it was to park the Ertiga despite its size.

The managing director of Penquin, Veronica Wainstein, is happy with how long it has lasted and maintained its power, safety measures and reliability. “We first began with the Suzuki Alto which worked well for the size of our company back then but once we grew and had more clients, we realised we needed something big enough to carry different items but not take too much parking space,” says Veronica.

It’s true when they say that Suzuki customers are loyal to the bone as Penquin will get the new Ertiga once their current one decides to call it quits - which may be a while because the Ertiga is so reliable. “We’re going to see how long our current Ertiga lasts before we consider getting the new one. We’ve had it for six years and it’s still going strong so it might not be anytime soon,” says Veronica.

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