How well do you know your Suzuki engine? [quiz]

How well do you know your Suzuki engine? [quiz]

Posted by David Anders on 15 Jul 2019

How well do you know your Suzuki engine? [quiz]Do you know how your Suzuki engine works? This quiz will test your knowledge of Suzuki engines and parts to separate the petrolheads from the rest.

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Getting into your car in the morning involves some level of trust. You climb in and switch on your car with the assumption that everything is working. Most drivers know a few things about the inner workings of their car, but they count on their mechanic or dealership to fully understand all the details behind making their car run smoothly.

Knowing some of the key parts of your car, and what they do, can help you quickly identify problems with your car as it starts - and as the saying goes, “a stitch in time saves nine.” Getting to know your car a bit better will help you identify potentially dangerous car issues before they become a problem, which will keep you safe on the road.

Knowing how to take care of some of the common issues that occur with your car, like needing to change a tyre or jump start your car, will get you back on the road quicker should an issue arise. Download our guide to resolving common car issues and staying safe on the road.

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Understanding the parts of your car may be a passion and an interest for some, but we believe that all drivers should have some understanding about the way their car works. This is important because drivers need to be able to hear and identify common issues before they get worse and develop into major problems. Read more in this article on  diagnosing your car.

If you scored low on the quiz and want to learn more about identifying those key issues with your car, why not take a look at this infographic on understanding the warning lights in your car.

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Our Suzuki team have compiled their ultimate list of car facts, tips, and tricks on topics like driving safely, saving fuel, and maintaining your car. Download all the checklists available on the service and maintenance 

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