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David Anders

David Anders

David Anders has been in the motor industry, specifically the After Sales environment, since 1996. He started working with the Suzuki brand in April 2008 and has been National Service Manager since August 2010. Due to a strong understanding of 'process', David has been successful in enabling Suzuki's dealer network to differentiate itself in the market. Recognised as the leader of an elite team of After Sales experts, David has continuously driven a way of life that can translate into an amazing experience for Suzuki customers.

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The best part of being in the Suzuki family [customer storie...

There’s nothing better than owning a Suzuki car, especially if you immerse yourself in all the fun ways to enjoy the absolute best out of your sp...

The car basics - that no one ever told you

Did you know you’re supposed to rotate your front and back wheels to ensure an even wear and tear? Or that you can replace your own wiper blades ...

Signs your car needs to see a mechanic

  The majority of modern vehicles have very little need for a mechanic in-between services, but on the odd occasion you may need some expert help...

Car servicing: DIY or leave it to the professionals? [UPDATE...

Horror stories about disastrous car repairs abound. One only has to look at Hello Peter on the internet to find them. The best solution? A profes...

10 tricks to save you fuel  when driving an automatic car [U...

Save money in your automatic with these insider tips on driving fuel efficiently.

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