Taking your kids to  a rugby game [Infographic]

Taking your kids to  a rugby game [Infographic]

Posted by Charl Grobler on 2 Nov 2016

Rugby ettiquettePlanning to take the tots to the game? We’ve got some etiquette tips on taking the whole family and having a good time too. Taking your kids to the rugby can be tricky business - what’s the best practice to keep it fun? We break it down in this handy infographic:


  1. Aisle Seat – Buy tickets close to an aisle to make it easier to exit when your child needs to use the bathroom.
  2. Snacks – Take snacks, cool drink and/or water if possible. If not, take money with in case the kids get hungry and/or thirsty
  3. Dress Right – Dress your kids for the weather and remember to take sunscreen when it is warm or something to shield them against the rain.
  4. Ear protection – Stadiums tend to get noisy as the match wears on, make sure you have ear protection for your child.
  5. No hats – Don't let your kids wear big hats. It can disturb and annoy the people around you.
  6. Be polite – Don't verbally abuse or swear at players and match officials. Your child might start believing it is right.
  7. Diapers – If you have toddlers, change their diapers before or after the match if possible.
  8. Manners – Don't allow your children to boo opposition players as they line up kicks at goal.
  9. Safety – Put safety measures in place in case your child gets lost in the crowd. Make sure your child is easily identifiable by way of their clothing. Another alternative is letting them carry their seat tickets so stadium attendants can guide them

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