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The SLDA radio makes driving and tech a little easier

Brendon Carpenter
May 02, 2019

Suzuki radio

Suzuki is always  striving to bring you fantastic features that make your Suzuki car even more awesome - and that’s exactly what the SLDA radio does.

Suzuki’s product planning division is always hard at work bringing our customers the latest features without losing the things you know and love about Suzuki such as reliability and safety.

We’ve been researching and conducting various case studies during the last few years to bring the Suzuki Smartphone Linkage Display Audio (SLDA) radio into South Africa. We wanted to ensure that the right specification and feature-packed radio comes in at a reasonable price that we know you’ll love.

The new Jimny was the first Suzuki model to launch with SLDA in South Africa. Soon after that it was introduced in the refreshed Vitara, the Baleno and the Ignis – and shortly thereafter in the newly updated Ciaz.
Staying true to Suzuki’s practical interior design ethos, this SLDA system really sets itself apart from other touchscreen systems in South Africa. There are some touchscreen systems that have navigation functionality integrated into the audio or touchscreen system. Of course this is a convenient system but the cost of these systems is usually very high and they often need to be updated with the latest software to remain relevant.


Some manufacturers charge an extra, exorbitant amount to make the SD card navigation files available. What makes SLDA better is the fact that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mirrors your Maps and Navigation services directly from your phone, meaning that the system itself is inexpensive and the data will  always be updated, as long as your phone remains updated. You can watch our SLDA in action in the video below.



Voice-activated virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant can be activated via SLDA. If you don’t have Apple Carplay or Android Auto functionality on your phone, there’s no reason to worry. The SLDA system can still connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and USB.

The SLDA system also has its own voice command functionality to access phonebook items and to enable totally hands-free operation. Your music and audio can still be streamed to the SLDA system via Bluetooth, USB or SD Card.

We would have loved to have fitted all our Suzuki models with SLDA but the main criteria and aspiration for SLDA selection is that all top-of-range models should  eventually have SLDA as standard. Currently the SLDA radio is available in the Ignis GLX, Baleno GLX, Ciaz GLX, Vitara GL+ and GLX as well as the Jimny GLX, while every model (except for the Jimny) is also fitted with a reverse camera as standard.

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